Hartsbourne star after proving Abridge too far

By James Masters, June 18, 2012

Hartsbourne swept the board at Abridge Golf Club as they dominated the Metropolitan Tournament.

With adverse weather conditions forcing players to compete over nine holes rather than 18, it was Hartsbourne who shone brightest amid the gloom.

The Bushey club eased to victory in the men’s and ladies best net and gross as well as the combined ladies and men’s net gross.

Lori Friedman and Valerie Lemer continued Hartsbourne’s success as they won the individual nine hole competitions as well as the ladies best individual gross.

Coombe Hill’s Joel Hill and Hartsbourne’s Mark Cohen won the men’s individual competition to share the Coombe Hill Cup after both scoring 35 from their nine holes.

Cohen also won the best individual net along with Louis Leveson of WAGOS to claim the Potters Bar Cup.

Hartsbourne’s Jeremy Bohn and Abridge’s Ricky Curtis shared the Gerald Tankel Cup after finishing as runners-up in the best individual gross.

Elsewhere, Abridge’s Oriol Phillips shared the Sonia Bowman Cup with Hartbourne’s Lemer after recording the best individual net.

Phillips also finished runner-up to the best individual gross alongside Dyrham Park’s Sharon Landau to land the Sybil Tankel Cup.

Meanwhile, Coombe Hill’s Freddie Rextrew scored the day’s only hole in one after a stunning effort on the second hole.

Ladies competition:

Sonia Bowman Cup (Best Indivdual Net)

Front: Oriol Phillips (Abridge) 38.5
Back Valerie Lemer (Hartsbourne) 39.5
(CPO Sharon Landau)

Sybil Tankel Cup (Runner-up to Best Individual Gross)

Front: Oriol Phillips (Abridge) 46
Back: Sharon Landau (Dyrham Park) 47

Shirley Porter Cup (Best Individual Gross)

Front: Lori Friedman (Hartsbourne) 46
Back Valerie Lemer (Hartsbourne) 45
(CPO Oriol Phillips)

Jubilee Cup (Best Team Net)

Hartsbourne 123.5

Abridge Cup (Best Team Gross)

Hartsbourne 140

Men’s competition:

Potters Bar Cup (Best Individual Net)

Front: Louis Leveson (WAGOS JGS) 34.5
Back: Mark Cohen (Hartsbourne) 34.5

Gerald Tankel Cup (Runner-up to Best Individual Gross)

Front: Jeremy Bohn (Hartsbourne) 37
Back: Ricky Curtis (Abridge)
(CPO P de Vido & L Leveson)

Coombe Hill Cup (Best Individual Gross)

Front: Joel Field (Coombe Hill) 35
Back: Mark Cohen (Hartsbourne) 35

Dyrham Park Cup (Best Team Net)

Hartsbourne 221.5

Hartsbourne Bowl (Best Team Gross)

Hartsbourne 230

Team competition:

Lawrence Fisher Cup (Best Team Net)

Hartsbourne 345

Sonny Feldman Trophy (Best Team Gross)

Hartsbourne 370

All scores are over nine holes. Single trophies awarded for front and back nines.

Last updated: 11:15am, June 18 2012