Tributes to treble winners Hendon United

By Danny Caro, June 1, 2012

Managers from the Premier Division give their verdict on treble winners and JC MSFL champions Hendon United Sports Club A.

“Hendon were the strongest, toughest and most organised team in the league. They are big, powerful, well-drilled and tough to break down. They are hard-working and never give up. However, the best side we came up against was definitely Redbridge.”
Josh Rosenfeld (Brady A)

“This wasn’t the best Hendon side I have seen. I think Jonathan Kestenbaum’s 2009 league-winning side were definitely stronger. This season’s team were more organised than any other side in the division. As I said, if you managed to get a consistent side out every week you had a chance and Hendon managed to do that. Organisation and consistency made them stand out but nothing else. Greg Corin probably was the difference.”
Darren Yarlett ( Neasden A)

“Hendon fully deserve all their success this year. They have been the model of consistency this season and have strength in depth throughout their squad. David had them all playing for each other and they had a good team spirit. Their fitness levels were also very impressive, as was the fact they won the league so comfortably. Clearly it’s no fluke to win the treble and they should be commended on a tremendous season.”
Josh Newman (Lions A)

“Hendon were one of the most organised teams we played. Their strengths were having a big squad every week and being strong at the back. I think they had a good momentum and a combination of these factors did them no harm.”
Zuriel Solomon (Faithfold A)



Sept 4 – FC Team (a) – won 2-0 – Greg Corin, Josh Bentley
Sept 11 – LM Lions (h) – lost 1-0
Sept 18 – Southgate Harmen A (h) – won 3-0 – Danny Kon (2), Ari Last
Oct 9 – NL Raiders B (a) – won 3-1 – Avidan Last (2), Yishai Last
Oct 16 – NW Neasden A (h) – won 2-1 – Greg Corin, Danny Kon
Oct 23 – NW Neasden A (a) – won 1-0 – Avidan Last
Nov 6 – NL Raiders A (h) – won 4-0 – Danny Kon (2), Avidan Last, Alex Gilbert
Nov 20 – FC Team A (h) – won 3-2 – Ben Lauffer, Ben Kon, Avidan Last
Jan 22 – Southgate Harmen A (a) – won 10-0 - Danny Kon (3), Paul Bentley (2), Yoav Kestenbaum (2),
Ben Kon, Greg Corin, Dovid Korman
Feb 19 – Faithfold A (a) – won 2-1 – Avidan Last, Yoav Kestenbaum
Mar 2 – Redbridge JC A (a) – drew 2-2 - Yoav Kestenbaum, Greg Corin
Mar 11 – Faithfold A (h) – won 3-0 - Greg Corin, Ari Last, Ben Kon
Mar 26 – NL Raiders B (h) – won 2-0 - Yoav Kestenbaum, Avidan Last
Apr 15 – LM Lions A (a) – won 5-2 – Avidan Last (2), Greg Corin (2), Ari Last
May 13 – Redbridge JC A (h) – lost 1-0
May 16 – NL Raiders A (a) – won 4-0 – Alex Rosenthal (2), Dovid Korman, Avidan Last,
May 20 – Brady A (a) – won 2-0 – Ari Last, Yoav Kestenbaum
May 20 – Brady A (h) – won 4-1 - Avidan Last (2), Ari Last, Josh Bentley

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