Glorious Gilbert takes Bilbaum up

By Danny Caro, April 3, 2012

Athletic Bilbaum 1 SPEC FC 0

Jake Gilbert went down in Athletic Bilbaum folklore after scoring the goal that settled the contest for the runners-up spot as the Baums crushed SPEC FC's hopes of automatic promotion.

The sun was shining, the crowd was buzzing in anticipation and Baum Baum had packed his trunk and was ready for war. The game didn't disappoint.

It wasn't a high scoring affair, but an enthralling battle between two closely matched teams. Finely balanced throughout, it took a Gilbert penalty, after Ben Bell was cut down in his stride on another of his trademark winding runs, to secure the victory, and the coveted second promotion place, for the Baums.

SPEC certainly meant business but after their banana mascot was spotted defacing the Bernebaum flag, the Baumgod was angered and sought vengeance upon the offenders

The performance thereafter was resolute and controlled, putting into practice the full range of techniques learnt during the pre-season tour in the mountains of Lethoso. In short; everyone was superb, just as they have been all season long. COYB!

SPEC FC's Ricky Lawrence told JC Sport: "Bilbaum deserved the result on the day and they deserve to get promoted too.

"We did ok but they were the better side. Good luck to them and I hope we're able to meet them in the league next season."

Last updated: 11:36am, April 3 2012