Northern team of the week: March 4

By James Masters, March 5, 2012

Here is the Northern Team of the Week for March 4.

Josh Samberg (Manchester Maccabi 3rd)
Oli Senchal (Hyde Park Rovers)
Ashley Loofe (Manchester Maccabi 1st) STAR MAN
Blake Englander (Republic of Mancunia 2nd)
David Cohen (Hyde Park Rovers)
Paul Basger (Republic of Mancunia 1st)
Rafi Leker (Manchester Maccabi 3rd)
Ben Blackston (Republic of Mancunia 2nd)
Mark Collins (South Manchester SC 2nd)
Adam Tauber (Manchester Maccabi 1st)
Dave Woolman (Leeds Maccabi 1st)

Manager: Steve Bentwood (Manchester Maccabi 3rd)
Goal of the Week: Mark Collins (South Manchester SC 2nd)
Save of the Week:Jody Marks (South Manchester SC 2nd)
Referee of the Week: Adam Cohen (South Manchester SC 2nd vs Crumpsall)

Last updated: 11:44am, March 12 2012