Top teams need stronger refs, says Oaks boss

By Danny Caro, March 1, 2012
Martin Fox

Martin Fox

Oakwood manager Ric Blank believes that the Maccabi League should review how it assigns referees to matches after the Division One leaders came through a fiery affair against Redbridge Jewish Care B.

Blank was outraged by the performance of Michael Cohen who sent off two Redbridge players, Scott Kay and Jamie Cooper, in a match Oakwood won 2-1.

The Oakwood boss believes that both red cards, one of which was a straight red for abusive, insulting and offensive language, were avoidable.

Blank said: "The league must take responsibility when it appointsweak refs for big games. We've had this before and it's not fair on anyone involved. There was no consistency in the refereeing despite there not being a bad challenge all game.

"It should have been a great game but ended up a farce. Worst of all was when I tried to have a chat with the ref in an attempt to avoid getting the game abandoned, but he threatened to send me off as well.

Ric Blank

Ric Blank

"There must have been a dead-rubber that could have had this ref as opposed to a promotion decider in Division One."

Referees secretary Martin Fox stood by the official. "Michael is a strong referee," said. Fox. "All he was doing was applying the laws of the game.

"I'm unhappy with Ric for telling me how to do my job. I don't tell him how to run his team. Referees don't ruin games.

"Players do by how they behave. With remarks like this he'll be very lucky if he doesn't get an FA charge."

Brandon Pieters will take charge of Oakwood's game against promotion rivals Chigwell on Sunday.

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