JC MSFL Goal of the Week: February 26

By Danny Caro, February 27, 2012

WINNER: - Greg Corin (Hendon A) - GOAL 2 - a wonder goal from 40 yards to win JC Cyril Anekstein Cup semi-final



- Greg Corin (Hendon A) - GOAL 1 - with just seconds remaining, he kept alive his team's treble hopes by shifting the ball to the right then unleached an unstoppable shot into the top left hand corner

- Joel Barnett (Athletico Finchley) - Daniel Mattey took the ball from just outside the Athletico box and turned like a little eel. He knocked it forward down the right wing and came out of trouble. He was then approached by a Boca player and simply knocked it round the right of him and ran round the left, leaving him for dead. As Mattey approached the box, another Boca defender lunged in to try and stop the man but Mattey simply chipped the ball over that defender, leaving HIM for dead. He then put a sublime cross into the box, straight to the feet of Ben Mandell who's touch took him away from goal. With a defender behind him, Mandell then performed a Cruyff turn, past the defender before finding Joel Barnett on the edge of the box, who calmly slotted the ball into the bottom corner of the goal

- Gideon Gold (Shirley Park) - unbelievable tekkers - a cracking volley 18 yards out bang in the top corner

- Stefan Benfredj (Shirley Park) - pinpoint cross form Dan Oade wide on the left which fell beautifully on Stefan's bonce with a cracking diving headed in the bottom corner ... classic

- Dan Sherman (Brixton A) - 50-yard volley from the half way line screamed into the goal

- Jonny Lee (Catford & Bromley) - scored a goal from about 25 yards which skipped up off the ground and evaded Reuben in the Jewve goal

- Jono Gaon (Norstar B) - the second goal of his hat-trick was outstanding

- Guy Marks (Camden Park) - finished off a passing move that would not have looked out of place on the Barcelona training ground

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