Northern team of the week nominations: February 20

Here are the Northern Team of the Week nominees for February 20.

Alex Ullmann (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
Josh Samberg (Manchester Maccabi 3rd)
Jacob Shapiro (Oakhill)
Sam Franks (Broughton)

Adam Kristall (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
Adam Jackson (South Manchester SC 1st)
Jack Roache (Oakhill)
Simon Nesbitt (Oakhill)
Gidi Amar (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Adam Boyars (Haroldeans)
Ben Kay (Broughton)
Josh Chinn (Broughton)

Dan Davidson (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
Tim Zoltie (Leeds Maccabi 2nd)
Toby Levy (South Manchester SC 1st)
Marc Maynard (Oakhill)
Harry Roache (Oakhill)
Mark Korn (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Joe Davis (Oakhill)
Marc Woolfe (Oakhill)
Bobby Fishel (Haroldeans)
Max Seitler (Broughton)

Rafi Kaye (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
Dave Woolman (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Rob Selwyn (Oakhill)
Bobby Abrams (Haroldeans)
Ben Johnson (Broughton)

Darryl Lee (South Manchester SC 1st)
Ian Selwyn (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Sydney Fulda (Broughton)
Zack Gothelf & Josh Daniels (Oakhill)

Goal of the Week:

Tim Zoltie (Leeds Maccabi 2nd) Whipped a stunning 22-yard free-kick over the wall and in to the net.

Rafi Kaye (Leeds Maccabi 3rd) A flowing six-man move finished off in classy fashion.

Adam Lavin (South Manchester SC 1st) Four minutes into injury time, picks up the ball just outside the area, leaves two defenders on the ground and rolls past the keeper to claim a dramatic victory.

Marc Maynard (Oakhill) Flowing passing move saw Robert Selwyn hold the ball up and send a lovely through ball to Alex Goodman on the left who sent over a stunning left foot cross for Maynard to run onto and head past the helpless keeper.

Save of the Week:
Josh Samberg (Manchester Maccabi 3rd) Stunning save to deny Joe Davis’ ferocious 25-yard drive.

Alex Ullmann (Leeds Maccabi 3rd) Made a number of top saves to keep his side in the game.

Ref of the Week:
Mike Cohen (Republic 2nd v Leeds 3rd)
Adam Cohen (Oakhill vs Manchester Maccabi 3rd)

    Last updated: 5:59pm, February 20 2012