Superbowl success was a special day, says Tisch

By Danny Caro, February 9, 2012

New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch described his team's Superbowl 46 victory as "a special day" after the 17-14 victory over New England Patriots 17-14 at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis.

The 62-year-old businessman and film producer, who runs the club along with John Mara, was close to tears after quarterback Eli Manning set up Ahmad Bradshaw for a dramatic last minute touchdown.

"So many people thought we couldn't do this," Tisch said. “They thought we were done, we couldn’t get here and we couldn’t win. But here we are and we did it.

"It is a great triumph for this time and this group of players to be able to stand up and say they carried on believing, carried on fighting and came out on top. This is a special day and this is a special team."

Having led the Giants to success at four years ago, Tisch rewrote the history boos as the only man to have won the Superbowl and won an oscar - he was one of the producers of Forrest Gump, which won Best Picture of 1994.

A superstitious Tisch watched the match with all of his toenails painted red or blue, courtesy of his daughters, Elizabeth and Holden.

"If this is how it is going to work out then maybe I should wear it all the time," Tisch said. "I was going to get rid of it but my daughters thought it was funny and then we just kept winning.

"One foot is red and one is blue. Each of my daughters did one foot. Of course, all the credit for this has to go to our players, coaches and fans."

Last updated: 3:38pm, February 9 2012