MSFL voxpop: On the next England manager

By Danny Caro, February 9, 2012

Fans, pundits and one or two JWags up and down the county are having their say about who the next England manager should be. Here, we find out who bosses and players from the world of Jewish football want to replace Fabio Capello.


"I'm not sure there is any real debate on this – Harry is an absolute shoo-in. It’s fantastic news for England fans that Capello has resigned as they now have a genuine chance at the Euros with the injection of fresh enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

"It’s also great news for Arsenal fans as Spurs have been doing far too well lately and this could possibly stop them in their tracks.

"Redknapp has the respect of the players and the fans and it is merely a question of how they balance his two jobs in the run up to the summer."
Verdict: Harry Redknapp

David Garbacz (Hendon Utd Sports Club A manager)


"I want it to be Guus Hiddink. This is for two reasons. Firstly, because I don’t want to lose Harry Redknapp because I care way more about Spurs than I do about England. Secondly, because he is a proven successful manager with previous international experience which is crucial for going in to a major tournament. He has also managed in England so knows the players and how things work.

"Obviously, as vice-chairman of FC Team, I have refused the FA permission to speak with Mitch Young as he is integral to our future plans."

Verdict: Guus Hiddink

Jonny Pearl (FC Team vice-chairman)


"Sausage and Sandford all day long, and if not then Harry."
Richard Slater (Chigwell Athletic manager)


"It has to be Redknapp, but I'm not overly pleased about it... or Melvin Beresford.

"I'd prefer if he (Harry) took the Euros on a temp basis, but I can't see who I'd want beyond that.

"Hiddink is good, but not English. Needs to be English for me."

Verdict: Harry Redknapp

Jonny Blain (North West Neasden B striker)


"Well for me it's got to be Roy Hodgson, because I think the anguish of the England managers job would do wonderful things to his face.

"Apart from that I believe England's most successful manager of the last 15 years is unemployed at the moment… Bring Back Sven!"

Verdict: Roy Hodgson

Jonny Bunt (Norstar B manager)


"There are only two men for the job and they should do it together - Gary Neville and David Beckham should take England to the Euros.

"Between them they have played in the European Champions in 1996, 2000 and 2004. They have been to every World Cup since 1998. They have 200 England caps between them. They have both matured phenomenally with Neville showing that he is tactically astute and they both have a wealth of experience as captains of club and country to give the squad the boost they need.

"They know the International set up better than any other Englishman that is being mooted for the job and in the short-term of preparing for this summer’s championships we have nothing to lose.

"I'm one of the few that do seem to care about England and think that whilst Harry is clearly the man for the job, it would taint his reign if he took it now rather than after the championships. He should definitely be at the Euros but start the re-building job once they're over."

Verdict: Interim - Gary Neville and David Beckham, Long-term: Harry Redknapp

Phil Peters (manager of Norstar A)


"It's got to be Harry. He's by far the most suited to the job and will work wonders with the current crop of England players - they will want to play for him. His man-management is also extremely good.

"He will get the best out of the older players plus boost the youngsters coming through. However, being a Spurs fan I hope he doesn't go as he has worked wonders."

Verdict: Harry Redknapp

Simon Linden (Blizzard Storm manager)


"I think it's time Daniel Berg's efforts were recognised on the world stage ... His record speaks for itself and I think he'd be a great motivator. I'd let him lead the country at the Euros, even if it's only on a temporary basis!"

Adam Hakimi (Redbridge Jewish Care A captain)


"What do you want from an England manager? Clearly the majority of the country wants a Tottenham man, a great man manager and someone whose record on paying tax is exemplary.

"There's only one man for me.

"Terry Venables."

Verdict: Terry Venables

Jamie Slavin (Norstar A assistant-manager)


"Anyone that will leave John Terry out."

David Garson (Faithfold C manager)


"I'm sure I speak on behalf of Ricky Lawrence and the Board of Directors when I say Laurence Conway is going nowhere. He has a five-year plan at SPEC and is determined to stick to it.

"I'd have 'Arry in charge for the Euros ... likely to pick our best players in their best positions and probably leave out the worst player to ever score 100 Premier League goals - Darren Bent."

Verdict: Harry Redknapp

James Lesner (SPEC FC)


"Lord Kestenbaum is the obvious choice from the Jewish world, with Ben Winston and Michael Stone as part of the team!"

Darryl Lee (South Manchester Sports Club manager)


"I think the next England manager has got to be English. I really wouldn't like to see another foreign manager. Therefore, in my opinion, the obvious choice is Harry Redknapp. He has proved he is an excellent manager by winning the FA Cup with Portsmouth in 2008 and taking Spurs to the Champions League.

"I personally would love to see him take England to the Euros. Also, I think the players will be all for Redknapp taking over. They are more likely to play better under someone they want as manager.

"As for Spurs fans, it will inevitably be a disappointment to see Redknapp go. However, I am sure they will all appreciate that this is the opportunity of a lifetime for Redknapp and it would be extremely difficult for him to turn the job down.

"Redknapp for England!"

Verdict: Harry Redknapp


"Being a Spurs fan, 'Arry should at least complete the season. It will be very interesting to see whether Daniel Levy will allow him to break his contract and let him take over England. Sure he’s the people’s choice but only two people at this present time know what is going to happen.

"If Harry leaves bring in Mourinho.

"My other alternatives to the England manager – there isn’t one!"
Verdict: Harry Redknapp

John Nitka (Brixton Old Boys A manager)


"Rob Richman - only viable candidate! His chairman would accept much more reasonable compensation that Daniel Levy would demand for Harry!"

Jonny Adelman (North London Raiders chairman and A team co-manager)


"I think it should be Roy Hodgson, for the simple fact he is English and has a great track record at international level. It is his speciality of getting the best out of under-performing players. He is also a great tactician and that's what you need at international level.

"Also, Harry Redknapp has never managed an international team. Why risk him if he is unproven and the only thing he has won as a manger is the FA Cup, beating Cardiff with a team that almost bankrupted Portsmouth."

Verdict: Roy Hodgson


"This is by far the most high pressurised job in football. Unless you win the tournament, the manager will get crucified and unfortunately this country do not have the star quality at their disposal right now to compete with the likes of Spain, Germany and Holland.

"Harry is the people's choice, players choice and the obvious choice, but I feel he's come so far with Tottenham, not to mention what the owes to the club for sticking by him, that it would be a travesty for him to walk away now.

"We don't need to employ the most tactical, intelligent, experienced person in the game. Anyone clued up on their football can select the best 18 players when they have an entire country to choose from. It just requires someone ENGLISH that can take that group of overpaid prima donnas out of their comfort zone for 4-6 weeks and get the best out of them. Someone who can motivate his players on and off the pitch and bring a certain camaraderie to the dressing room that probably hasn't existed in the England camp since the 1990 World Cup - apart from possibly Euro 96.

"Ideally someone who has been in that position before, played for their country in a World Cup and knows exactly what it takes to go and win it. It was a toss up for me between Stuart Pearce and Gazza!

"Pearcey for his winning mentality and Gazza for the camaraderie! I reckon Walcott could be half decent after a couple of sessions on the dentist chair with Gazza! Sounds like a great dream team. Get them both in!

Verdict: Stuart Pearce

Adam Klein (North West Neasden player)


"I here there is a lot of talk about Sanford getting the job, but as an England fan I just wouldn't be happy. I think it will be a backwards step.

"I could see Craig in some capacity working with Harry Redknapp and Stuart Pearce ... they need someone to cut the oranges at half time!"

Dan Gordon (Redbridge Jewish Care C manager)


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