Danny Caro's 2011 Jewish sports oscars

By Danny Caro, December 30, 2011

It's been another busy year for professional and amateur Jewish sportsmen and women across the globe.

For many, the European Maccabi Games in Vienna was the highlight, while there were also some great performances in the world of Sunday morning football.

We've also seen some exceptional performances on the world stage, with a fair bit of silverware along the way.

Here are my sporting stars of 2011.

Sportsperson of the Year
Sam Waley-Cohen (horse racing)

Young Sportsperson of the Year (in an individual sport)
Shachar Head (powerlifting)

Young Sportsperson of the Year (in a team sport)
Scott Spurling (rugby union)

Israeli Sportsperson of the Year
Lee Korzits (windsurfing)

Overseas Sportsperson of the Year
Ryan Braun (baseball)

Manager of the Year
Sam Cohen (Team GB)

Football Managers of the Year
Ben Winston & David Pollack (Team GB Open)

Junior Football Manager of the Year
Joel Nathan (Team GB Juniors)

Futsal Managers of the Year
Jonny Cohen and Adam Lustigman

Footballer of the Year
Guy Morris (Team GB & London Lions)

Outstanding Achiever
Dean Nyman (London Lions & Redbridge Jewish Care)


Top EMG Squad
Table Tennis

EMG Character of the Tournament
Adam Klein

EMG Celebration of the Tournament
Motti Colman

EMG Achievement of the Tournament
Gary Ellis (perfect 300 game)

EMG Outstanding Young Talent
Zack Zilesnick (table tennis)

EMG Top Physio
Dalia Nessim

EMG Heroic Physio Act
Marc Wittenburg

Most Improved Sportsperson of the Year
Josh Newman (trampolining)


JC MSFL Team of the Year
Redbridge Jewish Care A

JC MSFL Manager of the Year
David Garbacz (Hendon United Sports Club A)

JC MSFL Footballer of the Year
Greg Corin (Hendon United Sports Club A)

JC MSFL Goalkeeper of the Year
Ben De La Fuente (Norstar A)

JC MSFL Most Improved Player of the Year
Sammy Ross (North West Neasden A)

JC MSFL Goal of the Year
Alex Levack (Faithfold A vs North London Raiders A)

JC MSFL Master of the Year
Ben Simons (Faithfold C)

JC MSFL Referee of the Year
Warwick Blake

JC MSFL Newcomer Referee of the Year
Neal Cohen

JC MSFL Best Signing of the Year
Ben Lauffer (Hendon United Sports Club A)

JC MSFL Most Surprising Signing of the Year
Aron Barnes (Blizzard Storm)

JC MSFL Stadium of the Year
The Bernebaum (home of Athletic Bilbaum)

JC MSFL Most Chances Missed of the Year
David Rhodes (North London Raiders)

JC MSFL Most Entertaining Tweeter
Jeremy Leigh (UJIA)

JC MSFL Best Mascot of the Year
Baum Baum the Elephant (Athletic Bilbaum)

JC MSFL Worst Pre-match Ritual of the Year
Mark Leader (North London Raiders) – don’t even go there!


Northern Footballers of the Year
Michael Sacks (Team GB & Manchester Maccabi) and Adam Lavin (South Manchester Maccabi)

Northern Masters Footballer of the Year
Loz Newman (South Manchester Maccabi)

Northern Managers of the Year
Stuart Delmonte & Tony Rosenberg (Manchester Maccabi)


JC MJSL Footballer of the Year
Louie Basso (Manchester Maccabi 3rd)

JC MJSL Manager of the Year
Martin Simons (Manchester Maccabi 3rd)


Maccabi Masters’ Player of the Year
Mark Wagman (Brady Maccabi A)

Maccabi Masters’ ‘Young’ Player of the Year
Adam Gishen (Brady Maccabi A)

Maccabi Masters’ Manager of the Year
Dan Collins (Brady Maccabi A)

Maccabi Masters’ Goalkeeper of the Year
Phil Caplin (Team GB)


Olim League Player of the Year
Lewis Kaye (England A)

Olim League Manager of the Year
Yoni Sidi (England A)



Athlete of the Year
Richard Goodman

Young Athlete of the Year
Ellie Edwards



Southern Cricketer of the Year
Mark Landau (MAL)

Southern Young Cricketer of the Year
Benjamin Lederman (London Maccabi Vale)

Northern Cricketer of the Year
Akiva Lieberman (South Manchester Sports Club)

Overseas Cricketer of the Year
Eshkol Solomon (Israel)

Overseas Young Cricketer of the Year
Josh Evans (Israel)



Services to Jewish Sport
Scott Shulton (Schools Sports Coordinator & Team GB Coach)
Herschel Gutman (Israel Cricket)

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