MJSL a 'leading light'

By James Masters, December 29, 2011

The Manchester Jewish Soccer League has been hailed as a leading light of the Respect campaign by the Manchester Football Association.

Peter Roberts, the Referees Development Manager at the Manchester FA, recently attended a meeting with the MJSL council to discuss further innovations going into the scheme.

And after holding discussions and gaining an insight into the MJSL's fair play culture, Roberts was left hugely impressed and gave his verdict in a letter to league secretary, Paul Rose.

Roberts said: "The MJSL committee embraced the initiative wholeheartedly and wanted to progress it further.

"With its excellent disciplinary record, the MJSL could be a flag-bearer within the County in terms of best practice and so the Respect handshake with both teams prior to the game will be fully embraced.

"On behalf of Manchester FA can I thank you all for the excellent service you provide to grass roots football within the County."

MJSL secretary Rose said: "The kind appreciation and favourable comments provided by one of the most senior figures at Manchester FA is a credit to the MJSL and all its associated partners including managers, secretaries, referees and players alike. "

The MJSL season restarts on January 8.

Last updated: 1:14pm, December 29 2011