Northern team of the week nominations: December 11

By James Masters, December 12, 2011

Despite the weather accounting for all but one MJSL league match, there are still plenty of nominees for this week's Northern Team of the Week.

Jamie Rudette (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
Conor Rabbett (South Manchester SC 1st)

Henry Richmond (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
David Domb (Hyde Park Rovers)
Toby Levy (South Manchester SC 1st)
Adam Jackson (South Manchester SC 1st)
Louie Fisher (Leeds Maccabi 2nd)
Steven Berke (Leeds Maccabi 1st)

Adam Kristall (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
Aviv Levy (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
Steven Garman (Hyde Park Rovers)
Daniel Adcock (South Manchester SC 1st)
Alex Koslover (South Manchester SC 1st)
Nick Vale (Leeds Maccabi 2nd)
Dan Goldstone (Leeds Maccabi 2nd)
Howard Moss (Leeds Maccabi 2nd)
Charles Simmons (Leeds Maccabi 2nd)
Adam Gilman (Leeds Maccabi 1st)

Joseph Jackson (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
Jacob Nevitt (Hyde Park Rovers)
Oli Grant (Hyde Park Rovers)
Adam Lavin (South Manchester SC 1st)

Darryl Lee (South Manchester SC 1st)
Ian Selwyn (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Alex Ullmann (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)

Goal of the Week:

David Herman (Hyde Park Rovers) - one touch move involving Seligman, Domb and Grant, before Herman ran through and powered a wonderful left footed shot beyond the keeper.

Loz Newman (South Manchester SC 1st) Toby Levy spins a ball down the touchline to Adam Lavin, who is by the corner flag. He spins his marker and fires across the area for Lawrence Newman to crash the ball in at the far post.

Joseph Jackson (Leeds Maccabi 3rd) Aviv Levy played a one-two with Adam Kristall around Hyde Park’s midfielder and Aviv took the ball down the line, skipping past two defenders on his way to the corner flag. Cutting in behind their centre back, he put the ball neatly across the goal mouth, just out of reach of Danny Davidson. Joseph Jackson read the situation well and made his run from the edge of the area towards the back post, pushing the ball home at full stretch.

Dan Goldstone (Leeds Maccabi 2nd) Stunning volley gave keeper no chance.

Save of the Week:
Conor Rabbett (South Manchester SC 1st) – A world class save by Rabbett with just two minutes to go as he dived to his left and somehow managed to tip the ball over the crossbar.

Jamie Rudette (Leeds Maccabi 3rd) Made a whole host of saves to keep his side in it.

Referee of the Week:
Howard Somers (Hyde Park vs Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
John Daniels (Leeds Maccabi 1st vs AFC Waggon)
Jordan McKenna (Real Porto vs Leeds Maccabi 2nd)

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