Park boys beat Harmen again

By Danny Caro, December 5, 2011


Division Three title hopefuls Shirley Park claimed shock of the day with two stunning strikes accounting for Premier Division Harmen A.

Two former players returned to send them crashing out. A cracking over-head kick from Harmen old boy Ian Bean and a quality diving header from Stefan Benfredj did the damage.

Park rocked up to this fixture with a capable squad to cause the drama as they did last year in this fixture with Harmen in the cup.

The visitors fell behind in the first half, with Saul Conway and Simon Shelley missing several golden chances.

Park's 11 captains regrouped at half time and stepped up to the plate for the second half. A disturbing ian bean over head kick and a dan beckwith pint point cross meet by the winged bird like stefan benfredji with 20 minutes from time left harmen down and out.

Shirley Park boss Dave Lusman told JC Sport: "All in all a good performance from the Park massive with Plotnek getting team Park's vote for running the show and dominating the midfield.

"The Park faithful move into the realms of the last 16 in the cup representing Division Three.

"True, we knocked out a decent Harmen team but the competition's only going to get tougher.

"Let’s see how we far we can go. We’ve got our feet firmly rooted the ground.

"We wish Harmen well for the season and hope our mate Dan Uzan can turn their fortunes around.

"It’s quite clear they have got plenty of talented players to do the business. Park life as always."

Last updated: 10:40am, December 5 2011