Danny Caro's Division 1 TOTW: Nov 20

By Danny Caro, November 22, 2011

1. Jake Doffman (Brixton Old Boys A)

2. Josh Franklin (Brixton Old Boys A)

3. Ed Weisz (Brixton Old Boys A)

4. Sam Franks (Brixton Old Boys A)

5. Jamie Gurvitz (Brixton Old Boys A)

6. Richard Slater (Chigwell Athletic)

7. Jamie Cooper (Redbridge JC B)

8. Ricky Engleman (NW Neasden B)

9. Harrison Midda (Woodford Wanderers)

10. Dan Orgel (Redbridge JC B)

11. Mark Lazare (NW Neasden B)

Manager: Daniel Hodes (NW Neasden B)

Player of the week: Mark Lazare (NW Neasden B)

Goal of the week: Jon Fisher (Temple Fortune A)

Save of the week: Daniel Beresford (Neasden B)

Last updated: 12:34pm, November 22 2011