Northern team of the week nominations

By James Masters, November 7, 2011

Northern Team of the Week nominees:

Nechemia Fagelman (Crumpsall)
Daniel Caplin (Republic of Mancunia 2nd)

Loz Newman (South Manchester SC 1st)
Harvey Kaye (South Manchester SC 1st)
Toby Levy (South Manchester SC 1st)
Sam Franks (Broughton)
Nathan Ezair (South Manchester 2nd)
Dylan Sidle (Republic of Mancunia 2nd)

Marc Yaffe (South Manchester SC 1st)
Ben Kay (Broughton)
Jack Rowe (South Manchester SC 2nd)
Marc Parry (South Manchester SC 2nd)
Bobby Fishel (Haroldeans)
Dan Rose (Crumpsall)
Richard Black (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Josh Rose (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Jacob Brunner (Oakhill)
Jake Bentwood (Manchester Maccabi 1st)

Adam Lavin (South Manchester SC 1st)
Moshe Hasid (Sporting JLGB)
Bobby Abrams (Haroldeans)
Dave Woolman (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Marc Woolfe (Oakhill)
Jonny Quinn (Manchester Maccabi 1st)

Darryl Lee (South Manchester SC 1st)
Ivan Gee (Haroldeans)
Paul Levy (Republic of Mancunia 2nd)
Ian Selwyn (Leeds Maccabi 1st)

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