Northern team of the week nominations

By James Masters, October 24, 2011

Darren Brewer (South Manchester 2nd)
Josh Daniels (Oakhill)

Mark Addis (South Manchester 1st)
Paul Clayton (Hyde Park)
Neil Collins (South Manchester 2nd)
Mark Collins (South Manchester 2nd)
Nathan Ezair (South Manchester 2nd)

Ben Peppi (South Manchester 1st)
Joe Davis (Oakhill)
Dan Levinson (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Gav Bollel (Crumpsall)
Mark Sheldon (South Manchester 2nd)

Frenchie Freedman (Crumpsall)
Adam Lavin (South Manchester 1st)
Jack Lee (South Manchester 2nd)
Dan Davidson (Leeds Maccabi 3rd)
Marc Woolfe (Oakhill)
Moshe Hasid (Sporting)
Jake Rubens (Manchester Maccabi 3rd)

Manager of the Week:
Darryl Lee (South Manchester 1st)
Ian Selwyn (Leeds Maccabi 1st)
Neil Collins (South Manchester 2nd)

Goal of the Week:
Adam Schwinger (Sporting) Collected the ball about 35 yards out and took a shot from 25 yards, which flew past the keeper and hit the right post before nestling into the bottom left corner.

Dan Davidson (Leeds Maccabi 3rd) Henry Richmond beat two players down the right wing and lofted the ball from the halfway line over the last defender’s head. Dan Davidson lifts the ball over the keeper on a half-volley from 25 yards out and it bounces once before going in.

Gav Bollel (Crumpsall) Stunning volley from 25-yards gave keeper no chance.

Jack Lee (South Manchester 2nd) Bent it like Beckham into top corner from 25-yards.

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