Cohen rejoins Raiders

October 6, 2011

North London Raiders A have announced a new signing. Former Watford goalkeeper Dan Cohen, who spent the second half of last season on loan at Raiders, has signed a one-year deal.

Cohen, who has just arrived back in the country following an extended summer coaching in America, was thought to be intending to concentrate on refereeing. However, with Raiders keeper Danny Berliner out injured and the team having conceded 23 goals in five games, Cohen was contacted and asked about the prospect of joining. The team now has three top-class keepers in its ranks with Stuart Simons hoping to overcome a testing start to the season.

Cohen had intended to register for Division Three side Los Blancos, managed by Joel Minsky, to help them out in case of emergency. Cohen, whose previous clubs include Montana Boca United, FC Team Saturday, Hadley FC and Watford FC COE, last played in goal when representing the MSFL Rep Team towards the end of last season.

The stopper was unveiled at a midweek conference. He told JC Sport: “I’m delighted to have re-signed for NLR. I enjoyed my time there, even though it was short.

“My original intention this season was to return from America and concentrate on refereeing, but I thought I’d have one last ‘hurrah’ at playing. So, when NLR joint-manager Danny Caro spoke to me, I jumped at the opportunity.”

What makes the timing of this signing even better, is that Cohen’s first game, this coming Sunday, will be against FC Team – a club who tried on several occasions to sign Cohen, only to be turned down every time (although he did play for their Saturday side on a couple of occasions).

Cohen added: “The timing is quite surreal, but I do have a number of friends at FC Team and I’m looking forward to seeing them. But, once we cross the white line, the only thought I’ll have is ensuring we win.

“I’m looking forward to helping NLR move up the table as quickly as possible as well as hopefully having very good runs in both the Morrison and the Anekstein.”

After three days of negotiations, Caro also commented on the signing. He said: “Dan showed his quality for us last season. Clearly, he doesn’t want to be remembered for THAT goal on Rep Team duty last season. I believe he still has a lot to offer.

“Although his last outing was at striker, I can assure Raiders fans that we won’t make the same mistake again.”

Last updated: 4:23pm, October 6 2011