Super Shirley overcome the Storm

October 2, 2011


Title hopefuls Shirley Park heaped more misery on Blizzard with top-scorer Saul Conway (2), Shai Shojat and Stefan Benfredj on the mark.

After a big shake-up in the Shirley Park management, Dan Oade has had to step down temporarily due to "long-term hair" commitments. He still plays a vital role on determining the perfect strategy to line up for each game. Gideon Gold has now stepped in to help David 'Tiny' Lusman to manage the mighty Park.

In the sweltering heat, it was a tough game for both sides after spending the last three days eating as much apple and honey as possible.

After a nervy start it was Shirley park who managed to break the deadlock with a wonder goal from Conway. His first goal was truly one of the bets goals 'Tiny' has seen, the ball droped over Conway's shoulder and whilst holding off a defender and with one sweet strike, he turned his man and half vollyed the ball home from 30 yards straight in then top coner - unbelivable tekkers!

Shirley Park continued to pile on the pressure and after a Dan "Big boy" Mitman throw into the box, it was flicked on by Conway for Benfredj to run straight on the flick and smash it in to the roof of the net from the penalty spot.

Blizzard Storm however were not going down without a fight, and deservedly pulled a goal back before half time.

At half time all 11 Shirley Park captains gave their motivational speeches, as we knew it was going to be a very difficult second half.

Blizzard Storm came straight out of the blocks, and created some good early chances,but the safe hands of Dan Oade were just saying"Not today".

Then out of nowhere Shai Shojat strolled out of defence over the half way line and found the ball at his feet. With one touch, he moved the ball on to his sweet left foot, and smashed it straight in to the roof of the net from at least 40 yards out to send the remaining Shirley Park life team chicken oriental.

There was a great battle in the middle of the park between Nick Plotnek, and Aron Barnes two players who have regularly played at a higher level. I don't think Plotnek was wearing regulatory shorts as it seemed like he had Aaron in his pocket.

Shirley Park were not finished there. A beautiful team goal reminiscent of Brazil in the 82 World Cup. It started of down the left wing with Dan Beckwith taking on his man for pace. As he got past his man, a volleyed one two, made a reverse pass back into the path of onrushing Plotnek. With one touch Plotnek has drilled a low cross into the feet of silky skills Gideon Gold. Gold took a touch to knock it round his man, who then shaped up to shoot, but instead back heeld the ball, to Conway leaving three defenders lying on the floor. Conway, cool as a cucumber, slotted the ball home beautifully into the bottom left hand corner.

The solid back four of Sacha Benfredj, Ilan Shaki, Dan Mitman (captain), and Shojat were absorbing anything that was thrown at them and starting attacks from the back which is what the new management are looking for.

David Lusman playing the defensive midfielder role was also always there to jump out from behind a blade of grass, and mop any loose balls up.

Blizzard Storm pulled one back late on, but it was a case of too little to late.

And they all lived happily ever after. PARK LIFE!

Last updated: 6:58pm, October 2 2011