JC MSFL Team of the Week - Sept 23

By Danny Caro, September 27, 2011

Find out why this lucky XI caught the eye of the judges to make JC MSFL Team of the Week on Matchday Four of the season.

David Garson (Faithfold C) - It was the ‘Flying Potato’ like you have never seen him before. Four top-drawer saves helped the Superhoops claim an unlikely upset

Rich Caplin (Redbridge B) - oozed class in Stirling Kay’s dream team. Give him a role and he will never let you down

Eytan Storfer (Hendon Utd SC B) - “solid performance and drove forward well”

Dave Ossack (FC Team A) - “superb on debut, won everything”

Jonathan Swead (Chigwell Athletic) - “superb performance topped off with a well deserved goal”

James Law (Glenthorne United B) - Norstar simply could not get to grips with one of the best players outside of the Premiership. His twinkle toes dazzled so brightly that the Thornes hit six

Alex Levack (Faithfold A) - like a good wine, this boy gets better with age. Few would’ve attempted a shot on goal but his opener was worth the admission fee alone. Didn’t put a foot wrong all morning and left Raiders chasing shadows

Richard Starr (Southgate Harmen B) - “absolutely immense performance, covering every blade of grass, winning all his battles and was key to a solid Harmen win against Woodford”

Doron Weinstein (Redbridge Jewish Care C) - feed the Dor and he will score. Playing the starring role in RJC’s first win of the campaign. Now watch him go!

Daniel Lipman (Glenthorne United A) - Lippy was back to his best after shrugging off an injury that has hampered him for several months. Now he’s looking to make up for lost time. Defences beware!

Adam Hersh (Los Blancos) - came back to bite the hand that once fed him with three quality finishes against Hendon C. With Kutner and Hersh, Blancos have the quality to go all the way …

Henry Raffe (Norstar A vs Glenthorne United B)


Matchday 4 nominations

GK - Dan Oade (Shirley Park), Arthur Kaplan (Hendon B), David Garson (Temple Fortune A)

Defenders - Rich Caplin (Redbridge B), Bradley Fox, Josh Sasto (both Southgate Harmen B), Eytan Storfer (Hendon B), Dave Ossack (FC Team A), Nic Viola, Charlie Resnick (both Faithfold C), Mike Khalastchi (Camden Park)

Midfielders - Alex Levack, Alex Kaye (both Faithfold A), Jonathan Swead (Chigwell), Mark Zealander, Jamie Cooper, Scott Kay (all Redbridge B), Richard Starr Southgate Harmen B), Nicky Plotnek (Shirley Park), Josh Hambling (Glenthorne Utd A), Simon Peterman, Shai Davidi (both FC Team A), Josh Caplin (Los Blancos), Matt Smith (Faithfold C), James Law (Glenthorne B), Nick Gold (Southgate Harmen A), Ben Joseph (London Maccabi Lions A)

Strikers - Mike Pearson (Faithfold A), Daniel Orgel (Redbridge B), Dan Lipman (Glenthorne Utd A), Adam Hersh (Los Blancos), Lewis Walker, Dan Lassman (both Glenthorne B), Alex Bowman (London Maccabi Lions A)

Manager - Craig Sandford (Glenthorne B), Marc Cohen (Southgate Harmen B)

Referee - Warwick Blake (Faithfold A vs NL Raiders A), Henry Raffe

Last updated: 9:57am, October 3 2011