MAL cup final pen pics

September 14, 2011

Having just clinched the Middlesex Sunday League Division Two title, MAL start as favourites against Belmont & Edgware in the Maccabi Cricket Cup final on Sunday.

Mark Landau
17 Matches, 17 Innings, 1 Not Out, 831 runs @ 51.94, 3 x 100s, 3 x 50s, 16 wickets @ 15.13, 7 Catches
Mark is the rock at the top of the MAL order. He’s had a terrific season with the bat, with 3 centuries, and almost invariably gets MAL off to a good start. Also offers the option of some occasional left-arm swing bowling

Russ Corin
4 Matches, 4 Innings, 2 Not Outs, 109 runs @ 54.50, 1 x 50, 2 Catches, 3 Stumpings
Fatherhood has restricted the number of games Russ can play these days, but he is still capable of taking the game to the opposition. He is the one of the best Jewish glovemen around, and always quick to look for the stumping

Grant Pakter
11 Matches, 10 Innings, 1 Not Out, 306 runs @ 34.00, 4 x 50, 4 wickets @ 45.25, 2 Catches
A new signing in 2011, but has been a revelation. Shows great determination and no little flair in the middle order, and is capable of bowling with decent pace

Yoav Lebens
14 Matches, 13 Innings, 1 Not Out, 484 runs @ 40.33, 1 x 100, 4 x 50, 20 wickets @ 22.75, 2 Catches
No longer a youngster but now one of the leaders in the team. Has shown a burgeoning maturity to add to his undoubted talents. Starting to get the wickets that some of his bowling has deserved over the last few years. A fantastic athlete in the field with a gun of an arm

Kev Venter
2 Matches, 1 Innings, 22 runs @ 22, 1 wicket @ 31
Another new signing in 2011. Kev has represented the South African national side in deaf cricket competition. He is a more than capable middle order batter and bowls brisk medium pace

Pinty Baddiel
6 Matches, 6 Innings, 2 Not Outs, 150 runs @ 37.50
Pinty has become a really solid, dependable character in the MAL middle order. Never gives his wicket away cheaply, and has developed an offside game to accompany his legside strengths this year

Charlie Sherrard
3 Matches, 2 Innings, 1 Not Out, 41 runs @ 41, 3 wickets @ 18.67
No matter how few games Charlie plays, he is super reliable with the ball, as he comes in off his 2 pace run up and puts the ball on the spot time and time again. Capable of turning the game with the bat as well

Josh Burke
2 Matches, 1 Innings, 18 runs @ 18, 4 wickets @ 15
Has honed his skills playing for Nottingham University. Josh is a left arm fast bowler with enough pace to trouble anyone at this level, and the ability to swing the ball as well. A good enough batsman to play in the middle order

Gav Lebens
13 Matches, 8 Innings, 2 Not Outs, 75 runs @ 12.50, 12 wickets @ 17, 8 Catches
MAL’s captain can always be relied upon to use his gentle swingers to tempt batsmen into injudicious shots, and offers some powerful lower order hitting. Catches everything that comes near him

Jon Begner
8 Matches, 6 Innings, 3 Not Outs, 26 runs @ 8.67, 10 wickets at 18.10, 1 Catch
Jon has shown real solid improvement in his bowling in 2011. Bowls at a lively pace and attacks the stumps with real gusto. Has massive enthusiasm for the game and is an improving batsman and fielder

Oscar Brodkin
5 Matches, 2 Innings, 1 Not Out, 25 runs @ 25, 7 wickets @ 13.86
Signed for MAL in 2010 and has bowled really well this year. He and Yoav are a lethal opening partnership and complement each other really well. Takes wickets but has excellent economy as well

Yoni Schurder
4 Matches, 2 Innings, 21 runs @ 10.50, 6 wickets @ 10, 2 catches
Freshly back from travelling for a lot of the summer, Yoni bowls outswing at a lively pace, and doesn’t go for many runs. Has a great eye with the bat

Marc Mer
4 Matches, 3 Innings, 1 Not Out, 31 runs @ 15.50, 2 wickets @ 29.00, 2 catches
Another of the strong South African contingent in MAL’s squad, Marc is a great athlete. Bowls bustling medium pace, and a solid lower order batter. Outstanding in the field

Andy Hillel
5 Matches, 4 Innings, 31 runs @ 7.75, 4 wickets @ 19, 1 catch
Has been a little unlucky with umpiring decisions and has had to contend with a horrific eye injury sustained on the field, but has contributed with both bat and ball during the season.

Sam Hillel
6 Matches, 4 Innings, 1 Not Out, 25 runs @ 8.33, 2 catches, 5 wickets @ 39.20
In a first season of adult cricket Sam has shown enough to demonstrate that he will have a bright future. Bowls aggressive medium pace, and strikes the ball hard with the bat

Michael Klinger
14 Matches, 6 Innings, 3 Not Outs, 4 runs @ 1.33, 13 wickets @ 29.54, 1 catch
‘Twinkletoes’ Klinger has proved invaluable in the middle overs this season, bowling his medium pace with the keeper up to the stumps, and keeping things tight. A much-improved fielder.

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