JC MSFL Team of the Week - Sept 4

By Danny Caro, September 6, 2011

There were nominations galore following the first weekend of the 2011/12 season but in the end, our judges opted for this irresistable XI. It will take some beating.

1. Josh Cohen (Los Blancos) - produced several crucial saves to deny Blizzard what many believed would've been a deserved point

2. David Fox (North West Neasden A) - impressed managers Cash and Yarlett with an all-action display in what was a tight game against Harmen

3. Simon Levene (NW Neasden C) - solid performance and a goal saving diving header

4. Jonny Ellis (Brady Maccabi A) - Brady's record signing didn't disappoint on debut. Two goals and showed real leadership

5. Anthony Goodmaker (Norstar A) - arguably his best-ever performance in a Norstar shirt. Didn't give the Fortune front men a sniff

6. Danny Hakimi (Redbridge Jewish Care A) - dominated the midfield when others were flagging

7. Tali Nevies (Hendon Utd SC B) - ran the show against title favourites Glenthorne

8. Ashley Burns (SPEC) - captain fantastic gave fans a sign of things to come with a quality double

9. Gary Cohen (Montana Boca Utd A) - clinical in front of goal. Showed great pace and movement throughout

10. Saul Conway (Shirley Park) - the former Hendon marksman will score goals for fun in Division 3, and he did just that with six of the best on Sunday

11. Richard Rosenthal (Glenthorne Utd B) - starting the game in holding midfield but once he was thrust forward, his sharp shooting skills ensured a comfortable win over the Cats


1. David Grossman (FC Team A)
2. David Fox (NW Neasden A)
3. Alex Rosenthal (Hendon Utd SC A)
4. Lewis Blitz (North London Raiders A)
5. Jonny Ellis (Brady Maccabi)
6. Adam Joselyn (North London Raiders A)
7. Danny Hakimi (Redbridge Jewish Care A)
8. Ari Last (Hendon Utd SC A)
9. Josh Gordon (Brady Maccabi A)
10. Lee Platt (Brady Maccabi A)
11. Alex Bourne (Southgate Harmen A)


1. Jake Doffman (Brixton A)
2. Ed Weicz (Brixton A)
3. Anthony Goodmaker (Norstar A)
4. Darren Cohen (Montana Boca Utd)
5. Adam Osper (Montana Boca Utd)
6. Rob Blackman (Brixton A)
7. Ben Weinberg (Brixton A)
8. Mark Zealander (Redbridge JC B)
9. Gary Cohen Nick Goodmaker (Montana Boca Utd)
10. Nick Goodmaker (Montana Boca Utd)
11. Doron Hershkorn (Southgate Harmen B)


1. Ian Weinstein (Norstar B)
2. Rafi Addlestone (Norstar B)
3. TBC
4. Henry Ziff (LM Lions B)
5. TBC
6. Daniel Needleman (Camden Park)
7. Freddie Marks (FC Team B)
8. Joey Lazare (LM Lions B)
9. James Gold (LM Lions B)
10. Chanania Englesman (Hendon B)
11. Richard Silver (Camden Park)


1. Josh Cohen (Los Blancos)
2. Andy Levy (Glenthorne B)
3. Simon Levene (NW Neasden C)
4. Adam Shafron (Glenthorne B)
5. Ilan Shaki (Shirley Park)
6. James Rubin (Glenthorne B)
7. Nicky Plotnek (Shirley Park)
8. Gary Chajet (UJIA)
9. Richard Rosenthal (Glenthorne B)
10. Saul Conway (Shirley Park)
11. Joel Kutner (Los Blancos)


1. Simon Roth (Athletic Bilbaum)
2. Rob Jay (Temple Fortune B)
3. Daniel Korn (Brady B)
4. Simon Allen (Temple Fortune B)
5. James Lesner (SPEC)
6. Jason Davis (Brady B)
7. Ashley Burns (SPEC)
8. lliott Wallis (SPEC)
9. Craig Cohen (SPEC)
10. Terry Jeffries (Temple Fortune B)
11. Ben Hildebrand (Brady B)



GK - Mike Perkin (Montana Boca Utd), Jake Doffman (Brixton A), Josh Cohen (Los Blancos), Simon Roth (Athletic Bilbaum), Olly Brooks (Redbridge JC B)

Defenders - Lewis Blitz (NL Raiders A), Darren Cohen, Adam Osper (both Montana Boca Utd), Ed Weiz (Brixton A), Alex Rosenthal (Hendon Utd SC A), David Fox (NW Neasden A), Jonny Ellis, Nick Smith, Jordan Grant (all Brady A), Matt Gilberry, Adam Glekin (both Temple Fortune A), Simon Allen (Temple Fortune B), James Lesner (SPEC), Anthony Goodmaker (Norstar A), Simon Levene (NW Neasden C), Manny Simberg (Redbridge JC B)

Midfielders - Adam Joselyn (NL Raiders A), Rob Blackman, Ben Weinberg (both Brixton A), Nicky Plotnek (Shirley Park), Danny Hakimi (Redbridge A), Ari Last (Hendon Utd SC A), Marc Benamram, Sami Birnbaum (both Los Blancos), Jake Gottlieb (NW Neasden A), Tali Nevies (Hendon Utd SC B), Lee Platt, Josh Gordon (both Brady A), Freddie Marks (FC Team B), Ashley Burns, Elliott Wallis (both SPEC), Jamie Cooper, Mark Zealander (both Redbridge JC B)

Strikers - Saul Conway (Shirley Park), Doron Hershkorn (Southgate Harmen B), Gary Cohen, Nick Goodmaker (both Montana Boca Utd), Richard Rosenthal (Glenthorne Utd B), Joel Kutner (Los Blancos), Gary Chajet (UJIA)

Manager - Motty Korman & Chaim Gothold (Hendon B), Josh Rosenfeld (Brady A), Stirling Kay (RJC B)

Last updated: 11:46pm, September 6 2011