Nominate your Jewish sporting stars

By James Masters, August 24, 2011

Maccabi GB have teamed up with UJIA to give you the opportunity to nominate a sportsperson who has had a major achievement or advancement within their chosen sport in the past year, and is worthy of receiving the most prestigious Sports Award within our community.

The Maccabi GB Sports Awards are a unique opportunity for the Jewish community to honour and reward top level Jewish athletes on the National and International scene.

Maccabi GB engages Jewish people of all ages in an active Jewish environment and the Sports Awards provide a platform to see which members of our community are making it to the very top of their chosen field. These awards will be the tenth to have taken place since they started in 1993.

Following an impressive couple of years for Jewish sportsmen and women, the pinnacle being the European Maccabi Games in Vienna, the Maccabi GB Sports Awards 2011, will be presented at a prestigious awards ceremony on 25th September 2011

There are four award categories which people can be nominated in:

1. Senior Sportsperson of the Year Award

2. Jewish Chronicle Junior Sportsperson of the Year Award (Aged 18 or under as of 25th September 2011)

3. UJIA Team of the year

4. Richard Urban Lifetime Achievement Award

Nominations will be judged by a panel of made up of prominent members of the community.

The recipient of the Jewish Chronicle Junior Sportsperson in 2010 was Richard Goodman. Blind cricketer Daniel Field won the Pentland Senior Sportsperson Award in 2010.

There are three further awards that will be presented on the evening. The Ken Gradon Maccabiah Award will be awarded to an outstanding athlete from the European Maccabi Games. This award will be hotly contested following some spectacular performances from Team GB.

The CST Young Sports Leader of the Year will be awarded to one of our most promising participants on the Streetwise Sports Leadership programme and the final award is the Maccabi GB Gold and Silver Medals.

Nominations for the Sports Awards 2011 close on 2nd September 2011. To request a nomination form or find out more about the awards, visit the Maccabi GB website or phone Elizabeth at Maccabi GB on 020 8457 2333 or email

Last updated: 9:14am, August 24 2011