South edge past Maccabi in all-Jewish Manchester cricket clash

By David Gold, August 15, 2011

South Manchester defeated Manchester Maccabi by five wickets at Gatley in the Greater Manchester Amateur league.

Jonathan Lieberman, South's winning captain in Steven Glicher's absence, said: "It was a good win for us because we had a lot of players missing and we always like to do our best, especially when playing our old friends. We were very pleased to win that game."

"We've held our own in our first season in this league, we've had good wins and are pleased with our progress."

Lieberman also praised the returning David Glick, making his comeback just four months after suffering a heart attack and taking three wickets to cap an impressive performance.

"We're absolutely delighted to welcome him back. The fact he could play at all was brilliant, he did exceptionally and we are all delighted he is well and fit enough to play."

Having won the toss, South decided to bowl first, with the Lieberman brothers Huddy and Akiva giving the Maccabi batsmen a tough opening, with their captain Ray Tammam registering an innings of 31.

Stuart Simpson matched Tammam's score as Maccabi looked to place their opponents under pressure, but Akiva Lieberman opted to swap roles with David Cohen after the first drinks break. It proved an inspired swap as Cohen's medium fast deliveries ensured that the wickets started to come thick and fast.

Glick took three for 24 from 10 overs, and Huddy Lieberman added two from 23, as Maccabi finished on 140 for 8.

When South went in to bat, they were confronted by the pacey bowling of left arm bowler Steven Allweiss, which caused the South batsmen problems.

It took the intervention of Akiva Lieberman, together with David Schonfield, to register 59 and get South back into the contest.

Lieberman and David Tussie were then caught out by Simpson, leaving South on 88 for 5 and struggling to reach the target. But a superb partnership from Huddy Lieberman, who took 35 not out, and Feldman, adding another 17, saw South ease home with five wickets to spare, leaving them sixth in the table.

Last updated: 4:28pm, August 15 2011