Top talent back Sacks Award

By Brian Sacks, July 7, 2011

The JC is renewing its search for the community's young athletic talent, as the JC Daniel Sacks Award for Outstanding Athletic Achievement enters its second year. The award recognises the performances by UK Jewish athletes aged between 11 and 16.

Last year's inaugural girls' award was won by prolific middle distance runner Danni Newman, winner of several under 15 gold medals at the JCC Games in Denver. Her best times included 60.63 for 400 metres and 2:19.0 for 800 metres. The boys' award was taken jointly by sprinter Leo Kaye and middle-distance runner Sam Shindler-Glass, also both in the under 15 category. Kaye recorded 24.4 seconds for 200m and won the Barnet Schools championship, whilst Shindler-Glass achieved an equally impressive 4:32.3 for 1500 metres and won the Middlesex Schools title.

Shindler-Glass said: "The award is great for raising the profile of young people's athletics in the Jewish community, and hopefully it will lead to a good team for the next Maccabiah Games."

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Last updated: 3:22pm, July 7 2011