European Maccabi Games draws

The draw for Maccabi GB's squad taking part at the European Maccabi Games in Vienna have just been released.

Open Football (9 teams)

Group A: GB, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Mexico

Group B: Netherlands, France, Germany, Hungary

Seeded: GB, Austria, Netherlands, France

Open football (female – 3 teams)

GB USA, Germany

Junior football (6 teams)

GB, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands

Open Futsal (16 teams)

Group A: GB, Australia, Bulgaria, Poland

Group B: France, Finland, Spain, Netherlands

Group C: Lithuania, Slovakia, Serbia, Moldova

Group D: Austria, Turkey, Estonia, Italy

Seeded: Lithuania, France, GB, Austria, Australia, Turkey, Finland, Slovakia

Junior Male Futsal (4 team)

GB, Spain, Italy, Turkey

Masters Futsal

GB, Germany, Gibraltar, Russia, Spain

Junior basketball (male - 7 teams)

GB, USA, Italy, Turkey, Austria, Brazil, Germany

Seeded: USA, Italy, Turkey, Austria

Last updated: 10:26am, May 19 2011