JC MSFL Top-Scorers - final standings

By Danny Caro, May 17, 2011

Glenthorne United hotshot Fabio Revieccio finished top-scorer in the JC MSFL for season 2010/11.

Nicknamed the Italian Stallion, Revieccio edged out the evergreen Ben Simons of Faithfold C by three goals.

Revieccio netted his 33rd goal of the campaign on the final weekend of the season. But his strike was not enough to earn the Thornes the Division Four title as they were edged out 3-2 by Inter Borehamwood.

TOP-SCORERS (final standings: qualification 10 goals plus)

33: Fabio Riveccio (Glenthorne United)

29: Ben Simons (Faithfold C)

26: Jason Lindsay (Shirley Park)

24: Daniel Gordon (Redbridge Jewish Care)

21: Richard Fogelman (Jewventus), Louis Taylor (North West Neasden C)

20: Stefan Simons (Heath Banta), Chaim Gothold (Hendon United Sports Club B), Jerome Colmans (Inter Borehamwood)

19: Gideon Gold (Shirley Park)

18: Alex Rubin (Blizzard Storm)

17: Josh Hershman (Brady Maccabi), Daniel Hildebrand (Faithfold B), Joel Kutner (Blizzard Storm), Danny Kon (Los Blancos)

16: David Dinkin (North London Raiders B), Jamie Kent (Brixton Old Boys)

15: Dan Lassman (Glenthorne United B)

14: Daran Bern (Redbridge Jewish Care A), Daryl Phillips (Faithfold A), Rob Benson (Temple Fortune A),
Daniel Lipman (Glenthorne United), Benny Goldberg (Hendon United Sports Club C)

13: Jerome Marks (Woodford Wanderers)

12: Nicky Woolf (North London Raiders), Simon Beresford (Faithfold C)

11: David Blackman (Glenthorne United A), Adam Hersh (Los Blancos)

10: Steve Summers (Chigwell Athletic/Redbridge Jewish Care A), Ben Sollosi (Redbridge Jewish Care), Ben Kon (Hendon United Sports Club A), Glenn Michaels (Chigwell), Scott Shindler (Temple Fortune A), Eli Houri (Norstar A), Simon Finklestein (Athletic Bilbaum), Ed Green (Athletic Bilbaum), Laurence Spear (NWN C)


14: Daran Bern (Redbridge Jewish Care A), Daryl Phillips (Faithfold A)

Division One:
17 - Josh Hershman (Brady Maccabi)

Division Two:
20: Chaim Gothold (Hendon United Sports Club B)

Division Three:
29: Ben Simons (Faithfold C)

Division Four:
33: Fabio Revieccio (Glenthorne Utd)

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