Cup final profiles: Manchester Maccabi

By Danny Caro, May 10, 2011

The experts make Manchester favourites to win Sunday's Peter Morrison final. Find out why.

Route to the final
Semi-final – bt NL Raiders (h) 1-0– Andy Rosenberg
Quarter-final – bt Leeds Maccabi 1st (a) – 1-0 (a) - Louie Basso
Round 4 – bt London Maccabi Lions (a) 2-0 Jacob Richler-Kleiman
Round 3 – bt South Manchester (a) - 3-1 - Andy Rosenberg, Rafi Leeker, Adam Lavin
Round 2 – bt Manchester Maccabi 2nd - Walkover
Round 1 - Bye





Dan Garman (Goalkeeper)
Nickname: Garmo, Dan, 25, is a great shot-stopper, and commands his area very well, both in body and verbals. His kicking has come on a treat this year as well. Just recently hooked up with a girl, and she has calmed him down, big time! Has given up on the smokes and cut down in the drinking stages too

Ben Tyer (Defender)
Nickname: Maldini with no hair, Ben, 26, joined Maccabi this year from South Manchester, and has been an ever-present member of the 1st team squad. Can also play a little up front, having played one game for Maccabi 3rd and scoring four goals! Has the most dry sense of humour and only he thinks that he is funny

Josh Lewis (Defender)
Josh, 22, as come up through the ranks, from the 3rd team, 2nd team, and when he is not injured plays for the 1st team. A great left foot, strong in the challenge and 100 per cent takes no prisoners. A lovely lad, but will be missed next year when he goes on his round the world trip

Michael Sacks (Defender)
Team captain Saxy, 23, is an ex-Manchester United schoolboy and current Maccabiah squad player. He is a colossus in defence and commands respect from all around. Never misses a training session, a tackle, (unless giving away penalties) or a header.

Adam Tauber (Defender)
Taubs, 26, is a Summer signing from Spain. Cost three bagels and half a Vimto. Has been unfortunate with injuries in his first year, but when fit, is another giant in the tackle, winning headers, and is quite sublime on the ball

Alex Lee (Defender)
Nicknamed 'the horse' because once he gets going on a run, nothing stops him, not even Kryptonite. Lee, 18, would have been an ever-present in the 1st 11 this year if it had not been for the fact that he has been a Manchester Grammar School 1st team player since he was 15. This season he has been selected for the England Independant Schools football team, and has played against the likes of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Australia. He has also suffered a number of injuries stopping him from playing more games for Maccabi Manchester's 1st team

Marc Woolfe (Midfield)
Woolfie, 20, played as a goalkeeper for Maccabi 2nds for all of last season, and pleaded with managers to play him outfield. This season he has been one of the surprise packages, playing either on the left wing or left centre midfield. Marc coaches part time, young, aspiring oalkeepers. as well as being at university. He also works very closely with Bury F C.

Mike Greene (Midfield)
Greeny, 20, is another precocious talent who studes at Sheffield University. Has a lovely left foot, is very quick and also is a very skilful player. His never-say-die spirit is great to have in the team. He is a lovely quiet, unassuming lad as well. Will make any team a brighter team

Ashley Loofe (Midfield)
Club captain Loofe, 25, is another overseas signing, coming back from a stint in Thailand (where he was on an intensive training course, nothing to do with football). When he is not eating, he is either sleeping or drinking. A very solid footballer who hates to lose and takes it personally. Ashley has also been to two Maccabiahs for 11 a side football. A lovely guy who has an awful taste in football boots

Andy Rosenberg (Midfield)
Rosey, 28, is the old man of the team. The real reason Andy is in the 1st team is because his dad is co manager! Andy was Maccabi 1st team Player of the Year in 2008/09. He loves a tackle, loves a header, and loves to party. Hhas sort of settled down now with a lovely girl (two-and-half-years) and is a lovely lad too. A big City supporter like his brothers and co-manager, father Tony. Scored the winner against North London Raiders in the semi-final.

Alex Singer (Midfield)
Alex, 24, signed for Maccabi from Leeds Maccabi this season and has played in several different positions. What he lacks in inches he makes up for in tenacity. If you had a team made up of 11 Alex singers, with his attitude and commitment they would win everything. A lovely boy off field, animal on it (just like his dad of old!)

Amos Vaizman (Midfield)
Amos, 33, is the old man of the team. Was 2nd team captain last year and is the most enthusiastic and vocal member of the entire club. His passion for Maccabi is legendary and if you are standing anywhere near him by the side of the pitch, make sure you have ear plugs!

Louis Basso (Midfield)
King Louis, 17, Louis has captained Maccabi 3rds to the MJSL title this year, He has also played for the 2nd team and towards the last half of the season has been involved with the 1st team squad. Louis captains Manchester Grammar School 1st team football player and he is also plays on a Saturday for Altrincham Boys FC. Scored the winner in the quarter-final against Leeds

Rafi Leeker
Raf, 20, is the enigma of the team. On his day he has to be one of the best amateur football players around when on the ball. Unfortunately, these days are few and far between! A potential match-winner and a giver of ulcers and sore throats to his managers. Another lovely lad both on and off the pitch

Jacob Richler-Kleiman
RK, as he is known, was also a prolific scorer for Maccabi 3rd team, then moved up to the 2nd and just continued to score goals for fun. The 18-year-old caught the eye of Tony and Stuart and was given a chance in the 1st team. Repaid the managers' back by scoring 14 goals in 10 games, and has become an regular for the 1st team squad. Scored both goals against London Maccabi Lions. He does two things well, 1. Score goals, 2. Loves sitting on the loo!

Adam Lavin (Forward)
Lav, 26, is a Maccabiah futsal player whose first touch is exquisite. His feet are so fast and nimble the club are putting him up for the next season of Strictly Come Dancing. He is the most laid back member of the team and is another lovely person on and off the pitch

Adam Stevens (Forward
Stev, 24, has unfortunately been through a horrendous two years of injuries, but when fit would grace any football pitch with any team. He is also a Maccabiah player. He has played in just under half of Maccabi's games this season when only half fit. A fully-fit 'Stev' next season will be like having a new player

Tony Rosenberg (Co-manager)
Tony has been involved with Maccabi Manchester, on and off, since 1973. He has been involved in one role or another virtually every season since - playing, coaching and managing. The teams he has been involved with include Maccabi, Manchester North End, Heaton Park Rangers, Hamiltons, Armyfields and when he was 40 played for Maccabi 2nd team with his son, Andy. Lately he has played for Sedgely Park Celtic and North Manchester with his two other sons James and Sam. Tony has managed Maccabi teams at Under 15 and Under 16 level, the 2nd team 10 years ago and came back last season to manage the 2nd team again with Stuart

Stuart Delmonte (Co-manager)
Stuart feels as though he has "come home". After coming to Manchester from london in the late 70's, the 1st club he played for in Manchester was Sedgley Park Celtic. The following five seasons he played for Maccabi 2nd and 1st teams. He has also played for Hamiltons, Raiders, Armyfields and North Manchester - winning four league titles and six cups. Stuart then managed Melchester Rovers to three consecutive league titles in the Manchester Amateur Sunday League. Last season Stuart joined Tony to take charge of Maccabi's 2nd team and they were given the first team job for this season. They work together during the week and manage the 1st team now at the weekends. They also have daily football meetings much to the annoyance of their work colleagues

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