Simons proud of his kids

By David Gold, May 5, 2011
Josh Hayes tormented the Westdene defence at Brooklands

Josh Hayes tormented the Westdene defence at Brooklands

Martin Simons' praised his young Manchester Maccabi 3rd side after they clinched the Joan Collins Premier Division title for the first time.

"I'm delighted that such a young team enjoyed such a successful season," Simons said.

"It's been a great campaign for the squad. The key was to beat the teams close to us - Republic of Mancunia and Hyde Park Rovers. We beat both twice. That's quite an achievement for these young players."

Five goals from Josh Hayes sealed an 8-2 win over Westdene at Brooklands.

Manchester Maccabi's last title win was in 1991 and it was the first time ever that the third string had clinched the title, a remarkable achievement for a team with an average age of just 17.

Republic of Mancunia ran Maccabi close, and led the table until last week. A 4-1 win for Maccabi over Republic last month swung the title race back in their favour, much to the disappointment of Republic boss Anthony Bloch, who insisted that his team would fight to win the league next year.

"Once we lost to Manchester it was out of hands and I never expected Maccabi to throw it away against Westdene," Bloch said.

"As far as I am concerned, anything apart from winning the title next year is not acceptable.

"I think when it comes down to it both of our records were similar, and it came down to who won that match between us and, as far as I'm concerned, whoever won that game deserved the title."

Dan Cohen struck five for Oakhill Lions as they crushed Westdene 2nd 6-0. Sam Cramer grabbed the sixth.

Jacob Nevitt, Josh Silverberg, Josh Roberts, Adam Boyars and Stephen Rubin helped Haroldeans crush Crumpsall 5-2.

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