Cup final predictions: what the managers say

By Danny Caro, April 13, 2011

Find out who the top bosses in the JC MSFL are tipping for glory in the JC League Cup final at Wingate on Sunday night.

Mitch Young (FC Team) – “I believe Hendon will do everything they can to try and stop Redbridge and have the experience in the midfield with Corin, Bentley and Lipman but in the end Redbridges pace and talent up front (in particular Berny and Nyman) on the big Wingate pitch will be too much for the Hendon back four to deal with. I wish both teams the best of luck and I will be there watching in what should be a very good game of football. I also hope Mitch Lassman plays and as an ex FC Team man we wish him all the best.”
Prediction: Redbridge to win 2-1

Zuriel Solomon (Faithfold): Should be a close game although Redbridge should have the edge but Hendon do surprise teams so will be an interesting evening.

Daryl Phillips (Faithfold) - I think Hendon will win. Redbridge are a good team but from what we have seen at Faithfold from playing both teams twice in 2011, Hendon were harder to play against and beat. Good luck to both teams may the best team on the day win.

Adam Fegan (North London Raiders): I believe it will be a tight game between the two standout performers of the season. Both teams deserve to be in the final, but i believe Redbridge will edge it by the odd goal. Prediction: 1-0 to Redbridge.

Eilon Kennet (London Maccabi Lions): Hard one to call. Hendon have the experience of playing in the final and will be desperate to improve on their defeat at the hands of Lions A in last year’s final. So, no question about how motivated they will be. For Redbridge, on the other hand, this will be a new experience and although they have the quality to win, there’s always the danger of nerves getting the better of them, especially as victory will give them the double. If I have to pick one of the other ... I’ll tip Redbridge. If they can find the form that has already won them the League, they will beat Hendon for an historic double.

Rob Richman (North London Raiders): It will be a very tight game and I'm going for 1-1 after 90 minutes. Prediction: Redbridge to win it 3-1 after extra time.

Richard Slater (Chigwell Athletic): “got be true to my roots and go Essex obviously... Hopefully the boys can bring 2 trophies to East London!” Prediction: Redbridge to win 3-1

Ben Norris (Redbridge Jewish Care): There is only one prediction for this Sunday, a Redbridge win! But that’s coming from a very biased Redbridge man. Momentum is with them after last week's win and psychologically losing to the A’s twice this year will have an effect on Hendon. On the other hand it’s a cup final so anything can happen.

Andrew Souber (Temple Fortune) - I would have to go for Redbridge as I think they will have too much up front for Hendon to deal with. Prediction: Hendon 1 - 3 Redbridge

John Nitka (Brixton Old Boys): As my season is complete and we obtained promotion to Division 1 as predicted in my opinion I feel Redbridge (looking at their league record) may do the double and beat Hendon.

Richard Bronzite (Redbridge Jewish Care): Wingate pitch should suit RJC better. Prediction: therefore I am going with 2-1 to RJC (not bias)

Ben Nathan (Heath Banta): I have to go with Hendon. The Last, Bentley, Corin and Korman families would never forgive me if I went the other way. I just hope Hendon bring their A-game as Redbridge have looked unstoppable this year.

Simon Linden (Blizzard Storm): You have to fancy Redbridge when you look at how they have dominated the Premier League. Prediction: 2-0 RJC

Elliot Coulton (Glenthorne United): Have to go for Redbridge. Support your local side. Prediction: Redbridge to win 2 -0. Ben Sollosi with both

Josh Ejdelbaum (Athletic Bilbaum): Inspired by Paul the Psychic Octopus, we locked our mascot Baum Baum the Elephant in a room with two peanuts, labelled with the team names. He ate Hendon’s first, then Redbridge’s and then tried to eat everything else in the room. Who knows what kind of omen this is for either team?

Vivian Emanuel (Pinner JFC): Redbridge have got to have the upper edge on this one. Prediction: 3-1

Jamie Cole (Neasden A): Redbridge to win 2-1

Sammy Carr (Neasden): Redbridge to win 2-0

Ryan Glynne (Neasden): Redbridge to win 2-1

Mark Engel (Southgate Harmen: Redbridge to win 3-1

Justin Rockberger (Camden Park): Redbridge to win 2-1

Phil Peters (Norstar) Prediction: Redbridge 4 Hendon 1

Dan Lipman (Glenthorne United): Hendon A 1 Redbridge 3

Joel Minsky (Los Blancos): 1-0 Hendon

Alex Aviram (Woodford Wanderers): Redbridge 8 Hendon 2

Dave Snelman (London Maccabi Lions)
“I think Redbridge will win. Watching Hendon on Sunday, they don’t look strong enough up front. I can see Summers, Nyman and Bern stretching the Hendon defence.
Prediction: Hendon 0 Redbridge 2







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