Cole to step down at end of the season

Jamie Cole, manager of North West Neasden A, has confirmed that he will step down at the end of the season.

His decision comes on the back of a disappointing season when the club failed to win silverware for the first time in several years.

Under Cole, Neasden have dominated Jewish football in recent times, completing an unprecedented hat-trick of league and national cup doubles.

Cole said: "After five years of managing the best club in Jewish football, it is with regret that I have decided to bring the curtain down on my managerial career due to work commitments.

"I have had the best time which involved finishing runners-up in the League and Cyril Anekstein Cup final in my first season, then winning the treble-double which included winning the league and Peter Morrison Cup in each of the following three seasons, leading the Rep Team to success - a record that any manager in the world would be proud of.

"That Neasden side was the best I have ever managed and one which broke all records. I have no doubt that such a feat will never be repeated. They say winning a trophy is easy but defending it is the hard bit, and it just goes to show the character of and hard work put in by everyone at the club. Quite simply they are all born winners.

"I would like to thank all of the players, my joint manager Daniel Fox, coach Darren Yarlett, Chairman Sammy Carr, David Woolf and the MSFL and all of the parents who supported us every week.

"I shall remain involved at Neasden in some capacity and hope to oversee some exciting changes at the club."

Odds on next Neasden boss
3-1 Daniel Hodes
7-2 - Daniel Hodes and Max Fieldgrass
4-1 - Daniel Hodes, Max Fieldgrass and Motti Colman
5-1 - Jonny Kay
5-1 – Darren Yarlett
6-1 - Martin Allen
8-1 - Mitch Young
9-1 - Danny Caro
9-1 - Ray Sofier
10-1 - Adam Fegan & Danny Caro
10-1 - Ben Winston
10-1 – Jonathan Kestenbaum
11-1 - Ben Winston & Jonathan Kestenbaum
12-1 - Ben Winston & Ben Nathan
12-1 - Tony Gold
12-1 Eilon Kennet
12-1 - Danny Berg
12-1 – Rob Richman
12-1 - Darryl Lee
14-1 - Ray Sofier & Matt Sofier
20-1 - Jonny Cohen
20-1 - David Garbacz
25-1 - Derek Daggers
25-1 - Dan Uzan
25-1 - Josh Rosenfeld
25-1 - Phil Peters
25-1 - Joel Minsky
25-1 - Richard Slater
25-1 - Ric Blank & Alex Schock
25-1 – Andrew Souber
25-1 – Richard Bronzite
25-1 - Raymond Harrod & Adam Osper
25-1 - Justin Rockberger
25-1 - Mark Engel
25-1 – John Nitka
25-1 – Rob Shooman
25-1 – David Garson
25-1 – Mel Beresford
25-1 – Mickey Collins & Steve Reiterbund
25-1 – Michael Spector
25-1 - Gazza
33-1 – Gabriel John
50-1 – DJ Neal Cohen
50-1 - Dave Snelman
250-1 - David Pleat
500-1 - Ronnie Rosenthal
1000-1 - Avram Grant
1000-1 - Harry Redknapp

Last updated: 8:51am, April 13 2011