JC MSFL Top-Scorers

By Danny Caro, April 12, 2011

The race for the JC Golden Boot is hotting up. Here is how things stands going into the final few weeks of the season.


31 goals - Fabio Riveccio (Glenthorne United B)

26 - Jason Lindsey (Shirley Park)

25 - Ben Simons (Faithfold C)

21 - Daniel Gordon (Redbridge Jewish Care C), Richard Fogelman (Jewventus)

20 - Chaim Gothold (Hendon United Sports Club B)


Premier: 14 - Daran Bern (Redbridge A)

Division One - 16 - David Dinkin (North London Raiders B)

Division Two - Chaim Gothold (Hendon United Sports Club B)

Division Three - Ben Simons (Faithfold C)

Division Four - Fabio Riveccio (Glenthorne United B)

Last updated: 9:23am, April 12 2011