JC MSFL vox pop: Female football officials

By Danny Caro, January 27, 2011

This week, we asked managers for their thoughts on female football officials. Would they work in the MSFL?

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“As a referee, manager and former Player of the MSFL, I don’t have a problem with female referees. Firstly if it means games get covered then great, the more the merrier. If they are good performance-wise then even better. Players may even show females more respect then males refs. Ref’s will never get the respect they deserve. It’s a job no-one likes but a job which has to be done, and whilst some of the quality are poor generally, we are lucky to have so many of them in our league if we could add to them then let’s do it. A referee will always make mistakes, regardless of being male or female but they will never make more mistakes then an individual player during a game.
Richard Bronzite (Redbridge Jewish Care C)

“Why would any girl want to put up with 22 moaning Jewish blokes on a Sunday morning!”
Justin Rockberger (Camden Park)

“As I am part of the new breed of modern men that moisturizes, etc, it doesn’t make a difference to me what sex they are as long as know the rules.”
David Garson (Faithfold C)

“It amazes me that this young lady makes an immaculate call on the offside, that most 45+ old blind men would get wrong, and she gets dropped down five divisions because of it. Disgusting. If you can do a job do it.”
Gabriel John (Jewventus)

“I do not care if you are a trained chimp, as long as you get the job done right.”
Oluseun Thomas (Inter Borehamwood)

"They may actually get some attention from the boys, unlike the current lot."
Joel Minsky (Los Blancos)

“I’m all for the female refs. I think the players wouldn’t be so aggressive to the refs. It’s getting a joke, but one real problem would be lack of respect for a women. I could see things getting out of hand and am not sure which way it will go, but I’d welcome it.”
Ryan Glynne (North West Neasden B)

“I love women and I think they should be referees. They are the best people in the world and they should also run the lines, be chair-persons and run the MSFL. A big shout to all the women and my wife and mum. Now get on the pitch and blow your whistles.”
Neal Cohen (Zig Zag)

“My honest opinion is that I would accept a referee of any race, gender, age or shoe size if they could: 1. Keep up with play, and 2. Make the majority of decisions correctly. I'm thinking of getting Sian Massey in to train my boys on the offside rule!”
Louis Taylor (NW Neasden B)

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