Danny Caro's Team of the Week - Week 19

By Danny Caro, January 25, 2011

This week's top team features a striker-turned-keeper, some familiar faces and some new kids on the block.

AVIDAN LAST (Hendon A) - in the words of his manager, David Garbacz: "standing in for Russell Corin, who pulled out late Saturday night, Avidan took the gloves. The last time he donned a pair of gloves was in the school playground at Hasmonean over 10 years ago. Despite that he was magnificent"

ALEX LEWIS (North West Neasden C) - "solid in defence as usual"

ROB KLEINMAN (Brady Maccabi) - capped a terrific performance with a sensational half-volley

JOSH FINEMAN (North London Raiders C) - in the words of his manager, Oli Shorts: "Played out of his skin. A complete rock in defence along side Josh Graham. Nothing got past him. There was nothing that he could of done about the three goals (pen and two long rangers). If Arsene was watching, I think he would have solved the defensive problem at The Arsenal"

ALEX LEVACK (Faithfold A) - in the words of his manager, Zuriel Solomon, "showed how important he is for the team. Alex played at the back as we had five regular defenders away and slotted in with ease"

BEN SOLLOSI (Redbridge A) - nominated by both teams (RJC and Neasden B) after an action-packed 90 minutes

DAN LIPMAN (Glenthorne United A) - the Thornes player-manager led by example with a quality double proving too much against title rivals Faithfold C

BEN GRAHAM (Southgate Harmen A) - one of the most technically gifted players in Jewish football, G blew FC Team B away single-handedly. Four stunning goals including a goal of the week contender where he allowed the ball to run across his body before hitting the ball from outside the area into the top left hand corner

DANNY MOSS (FC Team A) - Young Moss was the boss as Team turned up the heat at the top of Division One. His double ensured maximum points against Harmen B

NEIL TILLEY (Chigwell Athletic) - NEIL TILLEY (Chigwell Athletic) - in the words of his manager, Richard Slater, "Neil showed us the superb quality I’ve always said he’s had from when we were Under 15’s together at Leytonstone Victoria. He gave the RJC back line a torrid time. He could be the extra push we need to nick this league and a great boost to have him back from the USA for the last eight games"

DANIEL LASSMAN (Glenthorne United B) - Missing star man Fabio Revieccio, Lassman, nicknamed 'the Beast of the East' tormented Temple Fortune B


1. Avidan Last (Hendon A)
2. Alex Rosenthal (Hendon A)
3. Alex Norman (Harmen A)
4. Joel Berg (Redbridge A)
5. Alex Levack (Faithfold A)
6. Josh Lipman (Hendon A)
7. Ben Graham (Southgate Harmen A)
8. Alex Kaye (Faithfold A)
9. Craig Phillips (Harmen A)
10. Daryl Phillips (Faithfold A)
11. Steve Summers (Redbridge A)
Manager: Zuriel Solomon (Faithfold A)


1. David Simnock (NL Raiders B)
2. Dan Grossman (NL Raiders B)
3. Rik Sherman (NL Raiders B)
4. Rob Kleinman (Brady Maccabi)
5. Adam Shafron (Chigwell Athletic)
6. Daniel Sugarman (Redbridge B)
7. Lloyd Becker (Southgate Harmen B)
8. Mike Hershman (NL Raiders B)
9. Nicky Woolf (NL Raiders B)
10. Neil Tilley (Chigwell Athletic)
11. Danny Moss (FC Team A)


Email nominations to dcaro@thejc.com

1. TBC
2. Sam Franks (Brixton)
3. TBC
4. TBC
5. TBC
6. Ben Wineberg (Brixton)
7. Michael Goldberg (Temple Fortune A)
8. Leor Harel (Faithfold B)
9. TBC
10. Jerome Marks (Woodford)
11. Jamie Kent (Brixton)
Manager: Alex Aviram (Woodford)


1. Paul Sanders (Redbridge C)
2. Adam Sandzer (Norstar B)
3. Ben Weinberg (Brixton)
4. Grant Pomeroy (Redbridge C)
5. Lee Ballen (Redbridge C)
6. Oli Joseph ((Heath Banta)
7. Jon Lessem (Glenthorne A)
8. Nick Benson (Norstar B)
9. Sam Sollosi (Redbridge C) - JC Young Player of the Week
10. Dan Lipman (Glenthorne A)
11. Danny Potter (Holy Mount Zion)
Manager: Richard Bronzite (Redbridge C)


1. Howard Yuchetel (Shirley Park)
2. Richard Benson (Inter Borehamwood)
3. Alex Lewis (NW Neasden C)
4. Josh Fineman (NL Raiders C)
5. Ilan Shaki (Shirley Park)
6. Scott Ackerman (Inter Borehamwood)
7. Dan Mitman (Shirley Park)
8. Harry Franks (NL Raiders C)
9. Richard Winton (Inter Borehamwood)
10. Jack Franks (NL Raiders C)
11. Laurence Spear (NW Neasden C)
Manager: Louis Taylor (NW Neasden C)



GK - David Fox (NW Neasden B), Declan Green (LM Lions A), Avidan Last (Hendon A), Howard Yuchetel (Shirley Park)

DEFENDERS - Sam Franks (Brixton), Adam Shafron (Chigwell), Alex Lewis (NW Neasden C), Josh Fineman (NL Raiders C), Ilan Shaki (Shirley Park), Grant Pomeroy, Lee Ballen (both Redbridge C), Adam Sandzer (Norstar B), Joel Berg (Redbridge A), Alex Norman (Harmen A), Rob Kleinman (Brady Maccabi)

MIDFIELDERS - Alex Kaye (Faithfold A), Ben Weinberg (Brixton), Michael Goldberg (Temple Fortune A), Danny Sugarman (Redbridge B), Jerome Colmans (Inter Borehamwood), Harry Franks (NL Raiders C), Oli Joseph (Heath Banta), Dan Lipman, John Lessem (both Glenthorne Utd A), Dan Mitman (Shirley Park), Ben Graham (Harmen A), Sam Sollosi (Redbridge C), Nick Benson (Norstar B), Ben Sollosi (Redbridge A), Mike Hershman (NL Raiders B)

STRIKERS - Neil Tilley (Chigwell Athletic), Jamie Kent (Brixton), Jerome Marks (Woodford), Danny Moss (FC Team A), Laurence Spear (NW Neasden C), Jack Franks, Joe Newton (both NL Raiders C), Danny Potter (Holy Mount Zion), Steve Summers (Redbridge A), Craig Phillips (Harmen A)

MANAGER - Zuriel Solomon (Faithfold A), Richard Bronzite (Redbridge C), Louis Taylor (NW Neasden C)

REFEREE - Dan Cohen (Los Blancos vs Holy Mount Zion), Richard Bronzite (NW Neasden A vs Redbridge JC C)

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