JC MSFL Team of the Week

By Danny Caro, January 11, 2011

Danny Caro reveals just why these MSFL heroes made his first team of 2011.


ED BLOOM (NW Neasden C) - With Neasden B's match against Lions B postponed, Bloom helped Louis Taylor's men notch up their fourth league campaign, making some important saves at important times.


DAVID RHODES (NL Raiders A) - captain marvel was an absolute rock in the pressure-cooker atmosphere on the main pitch at Rowley Lane. A quality midfielder, Rhodes comes into his own at centre back, and puts life and limb on the line to ensure his team got maximum points. Didn't put a foot wrong throughout.

ADAM SHAFRON (Chigwell) - Did not deserve to be on the losing side against Hendon. Described by his manager as "absolutely superb to keep scores at 1-1 for 75 mins".

ADAM SPECK (Blizzard Storm) - in the words of his manager, Simon Linden following the 5-1 demolition of Glenthorne, "forget team of the week or player of the week. It was the best Performance of the season. He was at the heart of our back four and played the game of his life".

BENJI WRESCHNER (Hendon Utd SC B) - while Chaim Gothold took the plaudits with a hat-trick it was the calming presence of former A team manager Wreschner who ensured that there was no way through for Marylebone.


ALEX KAYE (Faithfold A) - his performance had the lot as he showed the Premier Division just why he won MJSL Player of the Year in 2010. Five goals in the 9-2 demolition of Harmen marked a top-flight return from injury in the best possible way. In the words of Daryl Phillips, Kaye "was exceptional. Everything he hit went in as well as running from box to box for 90 minutes showing great work rate".

DANNY SHERMAN (Brixton) - playing alongside James Kaye in the middle of the park, Sherman looked the part and his work-rate, quality and commitment helped Brixton destroy FC Team B to climb second.

PAUL RUBENSTEIN (L'Equipe) - "was different class today on the right wing, completely dominating the Woodford defence and scoring two fantastic goals".


ALEX RUBIN (Blizzard Storm) - one of two players from Blizzard to make JC Team of the Week. Rubin is clearly a man for the big occasion and his quality hat-trick stunned table-toppers Glenthorne into submission.

JACK FRANKS (NL Raiders C) - Jack showed what a bit of brotherly love can do. One of three Franks in the Raiders team, he put a big smile on manager Oli Shorts' face, but that was nothing compared to the expression of club chairman Jonathan Adelman who knows that Sunday could be the start of something special. Hendon were expected to rip the Raiders apart, but three goals from Jack gave the team the perfect start to 2011.

GREG CORIN (Hendon A) - according to my reporter, Corin "made use of his free role by popping up anywhere and everywhere".



GK - Ed Bloom (NW Neasden C)

DEFENDERS - David Rhodes (NL Raiders A), Adam Shafron (Chigwell), Adam Speck (Blizzard Storm), James Frenner (Faithfold A)

MIDFIELDERS - Alex Kaye, Alex Levack, Matty Kleinman (all Faithfold A), Greg Corin (Hendon A), Danny Sherman, James Kaye (both Brixton), Richard Braham (NW Neasden C), Paul Rubenstein (L'Equipe), Michael Woolf (Blizzard Storm)

STRIKERS - Alex Kaye (Faithfold A), Alex Rubin (Blizzard Storm), Jack Franks (NL Raiders C), Chaim Gothold (Hendon B), Mike Pearson (Faithfold A)

MANAGER - Simon Linden (Blizzard Storm), Gideon Chain (L'Equipe), Oli Shorts (NL Raiders C), Mike Winehouse (Redbridge B)

REFEREE - Adam Lewis (LM Lions A vs NL Raiders A)

Last updated: 2:49pm, November 15 2011