Time up for Montana B

December 16, 2010

Montana United B have become the Maccabi League's second team to fold this season.

Managed by Nick Goodmaker, Montana had failed to win their last five league matches in Division Two.

A statement from the club read: "It is not a decision that myself and chairman Raymond Harrod have taken lightly. We have sought a solution for a number of weeks now and after fielding a side of only nine players a few weeks back have decided there is no other alternative.

"We began the season with a squad that was 20 strong but since October have had a number of players drop out for reasons including a death in the family, emigration and also players that no longer wish to play Sunday morning football. This combined with long and short-term injuries to players and other suspensions have meant that we have been struggling for the past month.

"We added two new players in early November, however the situation did not change and we have since had two further players drop out, leaving only a squad of only 15 which is not enough to maintain a team for the remainder of the season.

"We also tried to use A team players to make up an XI in recent weeks, however, that squad has also been suffering this season with numerous injuries leaving them most weekends with a squad of only 12 as it is. So again this was and still is not a viable option."

Last updated: 3:09pm, December 16 2010