Muzzle Tov to the kosher greyhound

By Danny Caro, October 22, 2010
Muzzle Tov and Edward Schwab

Muzzle Tov and Edward Schwab

Greyhound racing A Jewish-owned greyhound is taking the racing scene by storm. Bought two years ago, when he was just a week old, Muzzle Tov has been working his way up the ladder and recently claimed his first win at Romford.

The dog is owned by a group from north west London, the majority of whom spend most evening in the Hendon Beis, where the idea was first conceived. His owners - Aryeh Berkley, Daniel Hanstater, Sam Vecht, Chaim Schwab, Chaim Gothold, Gavriel Cohen and Eli Pollak - work in finance, law, dentistry and at the Israeli Embassy.

The group sent him to Ireland for 18 months to be reared and schooled under the watchful eye of legendary kennel breeder John O'Flynn.

His first race was motzei Yom Kippur this year at the Romford track, where he finished second in the A7 grade. He then won his next race, sauntering home, and is now racing up a level at A6.

Muzzle Tov has struggled of late but the group remains optimistic that he has a bright future.

We’d love him to carry the GB flag around

They are following in the great tradition of Jewish animal owners and hope to preside over a regeneration of local interest in the 'sport of the people'. The group has ambitious plans to get Muzzle Tov to the Maccabiah Games one day.

A consortium spokesperson said: "It's what that sporting festival needs quite frankly to drag it into the 21st Century. Our dream is for him one day to carry the GB flag around the track at the Opening Ceremony."

The owners have set up a Facebook page for the dog and have overcome several complex religious problems to enable him to race on Shabbat, with "several Rabbis involved in helping us make it all kosher".

Last updated: 10:16am, October 22 2010