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July 1, 2010
Jo Ankier competed at World Championship and Commonwealth level

Jo Ankier competed at World Championship and Commonwealth level

The race is on to find the community's top track and field starlets.

Together with athletics correspondent Brian Sacks, we are looking for the top young athletes as we launch the JC Daniel Sacks Award for Outstanding Athletic Achievement.

Daniel, the late son of Brian, died aged 27. A passionate athlete, he ran seven London Marathons, raising thousands of pounds for British Emunah.

The annual award will acknowledge the best performances over the year as a whole by UK Jewish athletes aged 11-16 as we look for the next Richard Goodman or Jo Ankier. There are to be two annual awards: one for top boy, the other for top girl. The award will not be winnable more than once by the same athlete.

Brian Sacks said: "The purpose of the awards is to encourage participation in athletics, and to keep alive the memory of Daniel, who loved the sport."

All UK Jewish athletes aged 11-16 are eligible for consideration. Between now and the end of September, we are encouraging school heads of PE and athletics club officials to notify us with details of athletes and performances, which must be in properly adjudicated competitions, such as Borough Championships and open athletics meetings. Sports Day records will not be considered.

Athletes should provide: name, date of birth, sex, school and athletics club, if a member.

For the performance, please provide: Event (e.g. 800m), Performance (e.g. 2:20.5), Position, Venue, Meeting, Date.

In line with promoting consistent performance over the season, we are encouraging the submission of multiple performances per athlete. It is intended to publish all submitted performances at: www.danielsacks.org.uk/html/jc_award_2010.html.

When all entries are received, Brian and JC Sports Editor Danny Caro will adjudicate.

The winners will receive an engraved shield to keep for a year, and also a shield trophy to keep.

Send athlete and performance details as specified to Brian Sacks at brianzsacks@gmail.com

Last updated: 9:54am, July 2 2010