Munich massacre remembered at 2012 Olympics

By James Martin, March 18, 2010

Sir Keith Mills, deputy chairman of LOCOG, is planning to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Munich Massacre at the London 2012 Olympics.

"We should certainly find a way of incorporating a commemoration into the Games. Not just in memory of those who were killed but also for the victims of other tragedies, such as the terrorist act at Atlanta," said Sir Keith, who admitted "the details still need to be discussed".

Sir Keith, the Chief Executive of the London 2012 bid, described himself as a "challenge junky" and promises London 2012 will be "the greatest Olympics ever". He said: "There will be nine stadia at the Olympics site, and we will be seeing events around London and beyond. To live through an Olympics is something special for everyone in the country.

"We are getting nearer and nearer the big day. Later this year we will be recruiting 70,000 volunteers to help during the Games. We will also be announcing ticketing plans next week."

A non-executive director at Spurs, Sir Keith admitted his beloved club winning the Champions League was "probably out of reach".

He was speaking at a British ORT breakfast, which raised £40,000 for projects in the Former Soviet Union.

Last updated: 4:55pm, March 18 2010