Maccabi sink in water polo final

November 12, 2009

After a dazzling run that saw them brush aside the best teams in London, Maccabi Water Polo UK met a watery end in a thrilling final of the London League Referee's Cup.

Four goals from former British national player James Kattan kept Maccabi in the running until the very last quarter. But ultimately, they were unable to secure victory against a strong Bexley in Croydon.

With half the Maccabi team arriving late due to traffic, a below-par display saw them finish the first quarter leading 7-5. Reinforcements arrived during the first break but in a physical game against more seasoned opponents, goals from Josh Brown, James Kattan and others were not enough to maintain the lead. The match ended Bexley 14-12 Maccabi.

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Last updated: 4:43pm, November 12 2009