Real will be fittest in league, says Shafron

By Danny Caro, August 4, 2014

Maccabi League new boys Real Sosobad will get a helping hand from Bolton manager Dougie Freedman after sealing a sponsorship deal with leisure firm Focus Fitness.

The MGBSFL Division Three side will receive a new sponsored kit and the players will benefit from nutritional advice, plus occasional visits from Freedman, along with business partner Gavin Heeroo.

"The boys are very excited about the season and new sponsors,” said Sosobad boss Dan Shafron. “We all got together a couple of weeks ago as it was important for the squad to see what they do.

"We're all hungry to succeed and win the league. I believe the squad are at good age — the right side of 30 — and are looking after themselves now more than they ever have been.”

Sosobad formed two years ago, playing in the Spurs six-a-side league in Chigwell and they will feature a number of former Wingate & Finchley youth academy players, who were managed by the late Maurice Hanover.

Shafron said: "Ten years ago there was less focus on fitness for Sunday morning football. Now everyone is more conscious about what they are doing and are keen to look after themselves.

"We have no smokers in our squad — everyone goes to gym and tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now we’ll receive guidance from former professionals and I think we’ll be one of the fittest teams. Our chairman, Josh Hambling, is demanding instant results on the pitch.”

The deal arose following discussions between’s Real’s Ashley Stanton and Heeroo, a former Crystal Palace player. As a result, the firm, which runs the Healthy Lifestyle Club in Southgate, have also offered every MGBSFL player to have a free wellness evaluation.

Heeroo said: "Our company is rapidly expanding and it’s good to be giving something back to the community. I’ve got lots of Jewish friends and it’s good to be part of the league. It’s a good partnership for everyone concerned.

"We're a young and vibrant company and I’ve already met the lads. They are a good bunch and I’ve told them we want to be associated with winners.

"We won't be training them, but we will help where we can. We’ve got a nutrition club and will offer them shakes before and after matches.

"I hope to come down to a couple of matches and although Dougie lives in Manchester, he’s the type of person who will pop down to see them play or train if he can."

Last updated: 1:26pm, August 5 2014