Danny Caro's Team of the Week: May 12

By Danny Caro, May 12, 2014

Here are the star men from Matchday 34 of the MGBSFL.

1. BEN ROSENTHAL (Woodford Wanderers) - "a tower of strength and solid - even with a broken finger!"

2. BEN KON (Hendon United Sports Club A) - "majesetic" against NLR, and the opening goal

3. JAMIE COOPER (NW Neasden) - "best game of the season, was at his best"

4. JOSH BENTLEY (Oakwood A) - "stood in at centre half and was magnificent"

5. ARI NEVIES (Hendon United Sports Club A) - nothing got past him in CAC final. Absolutely nothing

6. MIKE HERSHMAN (Norstar London Raiders B) - "played out of position, worked very hard for the team, scored two goals"

7. DAVID ESTERKIN (Norstar London Raiders B) - two well-taken goals led L'Orange to cup success at Wingate

8. ARI LAST (Hendon United Sports Club A) - dominated midfield and laid the foundations for a much-deserved win. Capped a fine performance with a brilliant penalty

9. DAVID WOOLMAN (Oakwood A) - "destroyed the Lions back four, scored five. Unplayable"

10. MITCH HAHN (Woodford Wanderers) - a deadly double, including late winner, took Woodford to the title

11. JAMIE KENT (North West Neasden) - "scored three, some great link-up play to go with it"

Last updated: 10:44am, May 12 2014