Danny Caro's Goal of the Week: April 5

By Danny Caro, April 8, 2014

Described as "the best individual goal Jonathan Cohen has seen for some time," Temple Fortune's Zack Rich scored the top goal on Matchday 30 of the season.

He received the ball from a throw-in with his back to goal about 30 yards out, showed excellent skill and great feet to beat three Jewdinese players before calmly stroking the ball past the goalkeeper.

Whoever said they just lump it in Division Three was very wrong!



- Jonah Boyd Gordon (AC Whetstone) - GOAL 2 - a great effort reminiscent of Beckham or Rooney

- Dan Gordon (Faithfold C) - exquisite chip over Guy Ben Aroya from 25 yards

- Lorian Madanes (FC Team A) - stunning 25-yard free-kick into top corner with instep of foot

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