7-heaven Hammers cruise into Morrison final

By Danny Caro, April 7, 2014


David Garbacz says these are exciting times for Hendon after they continued their relentless march towards the treble with an easy win over FC Team B confirming their place in the Peter Morrison final.

A deadly double from Yishai Last plus further efforts from Yehuda Korman, Rafi Korman, Avidan Last, Greg Corin and Yoav Kestenbaum completed the rout.


The Hammers took quite a while to get going - they were sluggish in the first half and guilty of over-playing, and FC team were making themselves difficult to break down.

In the second half Hendon injected much more energy into the team, mainly through the introduction of Yehuda Korman, and as the game wore on, they managed to score some nice goals and play to their usual standards.

Hendon boss David Garbacz told JC Sport: "FC Team battled well throughout and seem like a good bunch of lads and they should be congratulated for getting so far.

"The ultimate result however was never really in doubt and although it took us a bit of time to get going, overall we were happy not to have to overly exert ourselves with two big league games coming up this week.

"We are delighted to have made the final and over the next six weeks we will try to win the silverware and finish off the job. This Hendon team will not be satisfied with runners-up medals in any of the three competitions we are going for, and we know we can't switch off even for one game if we are to achieve our objective.

"Oakwood in the final will be a cracker - I respect Rik a lot as a manager and they will feel ready to lift some silverware. He has been determined to hand Norstar the title for the last few weeks - which has added to our determination on that front - so I need to thank him for that.

"All our games in recent years have been edgy, with not a lot of love lost and whilst it will be great to see our former skipper Josh Bentley and my nephew in the opposition line-up, he will have to have the game of his life if he is to wrestle control in the middle away from Ari Last and Yoav Lebens.

"These are very exciting times for us - Seder night around the corner plus two cup finals - I know what I'm more looking forward to."

FC Team player-manager David Gordon told JC Sport: "It was unfortunate to be beaten by such a heavy scoreline. We had a game-plan, that we executed well in the first half, but injuries to two key players meant that we had to play players out of position for all of the second half and Hendon punished us.

"That being said, we acquitted ourselves well for the most part and had periods where we played really some nice football.

"The cup dream is over for another season, but we are proud and honoured to have made it so far in the competition, and all of the boys deserve immense credit for that."

Last updated: 6:42pm, April 7 2014