Game ends as Haroldeans walk off

By Danny Caro, March 21, 2014

Haroldeans could be in hot water after their Premier Division game against Maccabi Manchester 3rds ended in farce.

The Merseysiders face a probe from the Liverpool FA after forfeiting the game in protest at referee Adam Cohen.

Midfielder Paul Harris was sent off in the first half for dissent and the hosts took advantage with goals from Jason Hamburger and Leo Burger.

But with seven minutes remaining, the referee blew for a penalty, to protests from the sidelines. He asked four substitutes and Harris to leave the touchline but Haroldeans refused to play on and walked off.

Haroldeans chairman Fraser Saville said: "There were some poor decisions which both teams can vouch for. But I cannot comment on the matter. This will be resolved later."

Maccabi boss Richard Hamburger said: "We have no idea why the game did not finish. It seems strange that with just a few minutes remaining we could not do so. If the league makes us replay the game we will, but I’d be surprised if that would be the case."

League joint-vice-chairman and secretary Paul Rose expressed shock at the actions of the Haroldeans team. He said: "In my 10-year association with the MJSL, I’ve never heard of a side walking off due to a decision from the official.

"Although I wasn’t at the game, I don’t think there’s any place for that at all.

"It’s always better to protest through the appropriate channels after the match."

Written by Darren Witcoop

Last updated: 11:29am, March 21 2014