Danny Caro's Quote of the Week: March 16

By Danny Caro, March 20, 2014

MGBSFL football isn't always about the winners. Matchday 27 was tough for a couple of teams, especially Faithfold B and Camden Park. But Dan Yoss's got the nod from the JC panel of judges for his hand-on-heart comments at the final whistle after defeat against FC Team.

"I feel most for our manager Rob as he's put a lot of effort this year, it's a shame we couldn't pay him back on the pitch"

"Relegation looks almost certain - it's a big disappointment, but I feel there's a great core of lads here and providing we don't have the wretched luck we had this year we'll be a lot stronger next season"



- David Garbacz (Hendon A) - "I await NLR's request to change the venue from Wingate to their 3G as I'm not sure they've played a game away from it all season - their boys might have to actually go out and buy a pair of real boots which has been unheard of so far this year. Let's bring it on - may the best team win!"

- Stirling Kay (NWN) - "What summed up our display was the non-stop work rate of Dan Orgel playing on the right of midfield who covered every grain of grass and still scored two very good goals. He was a inspiration to his teammates"

- Tony Charles (Woodford - "I reckon Southgate Harmen are getting neck-ache from all that looking over their shoulder action!"

- Dave Lusman (Shirley) - "Woodford are well-organised and have by far one on the best players in all divisions leading there front line"

- Ric Blank (Oakwood A) - "We are down, out of one cup but still in the Morrison. There are some fine sides left in that competition so we're not going to get ahead of ourselves - but we'll do everything we can to make a name for ourselves come May"

- Nick Kagan (Camden) - "That's the end of our season – and a lot of lessons learned, especially the level of fitness and fight you need to be at every week to compete with Premiership sides. We'll use the long summer break to re-group and come back raring to go for our Division 1 campaign"

- David Gordon (FC Team B) - "Commiserations to Faithfold; I’ve played in many memorable games against Rob’s teams and no doubt they will be back stronger. We have certainly played against worse sides this season"

Last updated: 11:16am, March 20 2014