Danny Caro's Division 3 TOTW: March 9

By Danny Caro, March 12, 2014

Here is the top team from Division Three on Matchday 26 of the MGBSFL season.

1. Jamie WARWICK (L’Equipe) - "he's not a goalie, but he was superb on Sunday. Handled everything that came in the box and so quick off his line that it ruled out every ball over the top. Gave the rest of the defence such confidence"

2. Elliot GRANT (King Crown) - worked well with Tahan at the back

3. Matt TAHAN (King Crown) - didn't put a foot wrong against an in-form Fortune

4. Nick STERN (L’Equipe) - "simply fantastic and dominant, thwarted most attacks and often seen on his marawding runs downfield"

5. James NEIDLE (Hendon C) - "another commanding display from the Hendon captain"

6. Adam CONWAY (Loughton Orient) - "Great goal and great assist. Worked hard for the team and won the battle"

7. James ROSS (Jewdinese) - "didn't put a foot wrong the whole game and made important interceptions as well as crucial passed which helped us win the game. He also capped off the game with a goal"

8. Eli STONE (Hendon C) - "two goals in only his second appearance for the club"

9. Jake ERLICH (Jewdinese) - "two assists and a goal. He pressured well and was involved in three of the five goals"

10. Richard FOGELMAN (L’Equipe) - "a stunning late winner against table-topping NLR C, ran himself into the ground"

11. Danny NAVAZESH (King Crown) - capped a fine performance with a goal against Fortune


Player: Adam Conway (Loughton Orient)

Manager: Darren Lawrence (Jewdinese)

Goal: Richard Fogelman (L’Equipe)

Last updated: 11:04am, March 12 2014