Bihi-Zehou lifts England FC

March 4, 2014


A convincing victory for England FC saw them leapfrog their rivals in the Olim League table, in what was a dress rehearsal for the upcoming cup semi-final between the two sides, which is scheduled to take place in two weeks time.

The first half was a fairly uneventful affair with neither team managing to breakdown the other’s defence. When called upon, England FC’s keeper, Roy Meron and Aviv City’s, Rob Bradman, made a number of decent saves, but in truth neither goalie had much to do in the first 45.

All the action took place after the break, with the introduction of Chad Waldman changing the game in favour of England. The American-born striker was full of pace and intent when he became the lone striker and his efforts were quickly rewarded when he linked up with Motti Colman to give England the lead. The goal tally was soon doubled as Roy Bihi-Zehou characteristically headed his side’s second of the night.

A near-perfect performance from manager Terry Newman was slightly blotched, after a headed own goal occurred following a breakdown in communication with his keeper. However, Aviv City failed to take the initiative and it was that man Bihi-Zehou again who made sure England took all three points with a superb lobbed goal off of his head.

Despite the importance of the three points, both teams know that the cup semi-final is of much more consequence and after last weekend’s game it will be one look forward to.

Last updated: 12:24pm, March 4 2014