Danny Caro's Div 2 TOTW: February 24

By Danny Caro, February 26, 2014

There's a strong Raiders/FC Team emphasis on this week's top team from Division Two.

1. David SIMNOCK (NL Raiders B) - "one brilliant save and set things up for his team"

2. Ed WIESZ (FC Team C) - the former Lions man showed his big match experience to keep Neasden out

3. Edward BENSON (FC Team C) - a towering and commanding performance against NWN

4. Stuart HARING (FC Team B) - rock solid at the back as Hendon were shut out

5. Josh KAY (FC Team B) - ensured there was no way through for Hendon

6. Danny BLOOM (NL Raiders B) - "two assists - his delivery for NLR's second goal was superbly

7. Dave ESTERKIN (NL Raiders B) - "showed unbelievable engines on such a poor, heavy surface"

8. Simon BUCHLER (NL Raiders B) - has a telepathic understanding with Esterkin

9. Ben RADSTONE (FC Team B) - at the centre of everything good about his side

10. Mitch LASSMAN (FC Team B) - maintained his excellent run of form with a goal in the win over Hendon C

11. Ben BINDER (London Haroldeans) - two more goals for the man looking to rescue LH's season


Player: Dave Esterkin (NL Raiders B)

Manager: Jonathan Adelman (NL Raiders B)

Goal: Richard Bloom (NL Raiders B)

Save: David Simnock (NL Raiders B)

Last updated: 5:14pm, February 26 2014