Danny Caro's Quote of the Week: February 24

By Danny Caro, February 26, 2014

There were some absolute pearlers from the dugout on Matchday 24 of the MGBSFL season, but this crack from 'the Orange One' tops the lot.

Phil Peters (NLR A) - "Chairman Jonathan Adelman has offered to buy dinner for the Camden side at their favourite restaurant if they can do the double over our noisy neighbours (Hendon) next week, and I’ll throw in a Kinder Egg for anyone who scores a goal!"



- Stirling Kay (NW Neasden) - "I'm sad to say this game was all but decided when four players did not show, leaving us with 10 men. Never in 30 years of management has this happened"

- David Garbacz (Hendon A) - QUOTE 1 - "This was far and away our toughest game of the season - far tougher than either of the Norstar games - and we had to be at our resolute best to come away with all three points"

- David Garbacz (Hendon A) - QUOTE 2 - "One down - just the 10 games to go. With Norstar winning again today with what sounded like a controversial goal, we are well aware that the odds are against us"

- Josh Gordon (Brady A) - "I have never seen Hendon outplayed like that, but as usual they defend well and were super organised which is why they are successful"

- Dan Cordell (L'Equipe) - "I think likening Temple Fortune to the Jewish version of Bolton is probably a fair description and this is not meant in offence, but just an apt description of a team playing route one football very effectively"

- Jonathan Adelman (NLR B) - "It’s a remarkable achievement in an 18-game season and despite managing Raiders teams of the past to divisional titles and a cup win at Wingate over the years, there’s no doubt that from a personal perspective, this title caps them all"

- Sam Rosenthal (RJC A) - "0-0 would've been fair, even though we clearly had the better chances, including what can only be described as a world-class save from their keeper. They are a great set of lads and wish them luck"

- Ric Blank (Oakwood A) - "At full time Team celebrated wildly and iInotice several of their players nominated for TOTW. The boys will take comfort from that knowing we have higher standards and we have vowed as a club not to make the same mistake again"

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