Danny Caro's Quote of the Week: January 26

By Danny Caro, January 28, 2014

Manager of the Week Jonathan Cohen took a leaf out of Jose Mourinho's book of quotes following the memorable win over Jewdinese in MGBSFL Division Three.

I marked the game down as a home banker for 'Nese, but, clearly, Cohen and co had other ideas. I'll leave the rest to him ...

"Morale in the squad has been largely good throughout the season, and we have done our best not to listen or take too much note of what other people have had to say about us. We know more about us than anyone else



- Jamie Kyte (LML Blue) - "Today we showed that if we play to our potential and we have a bit of luck on our side, we can get points against any team in the league"

- Joe Levy (AC Mill Hill) - QUOTE 1 - "Full credit to Camden. They are a great team and are a pleasure to watch. Jake Saunders in the middle is superb and is definitely one to keep an eye on"

- Joe Levy (AC Mill Hill) - QUOTE 2 - "I am absolutely gutted we are out but cannot fault the desire and commitment of any of my players"

- Adam Glekin (Hendon C) - "We gifted them two goals in the first half with sloppy pieces of play, and although we toiled away in the second half, we looked like we could play for the next week and not score"

- Jonathan Cohen (Temple Fortune) - QUOTE 2 - "We went to a local in London Colney to celebrate a massive victory!"

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